Zurich, Switzerland – A letter form Marco Camenish


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Freedom for the May Day prisoner

 I receive this call in German from the comrades of Aufbau, which I translate and fully agree with, and I highlight once again the crucial importance of solidarity and union, beyond specific positions, against repression and in united struggle, for our sisters and brothers in revolutionary struggle, as a priority for the freedom of all political prisoners but also as an inseparable part of my specific position for the freedom of all prisoners everywhere.


Marco Camenish, Lenzburg concentration camp, Zurich, September 2012  


A comrade of Revolutionarer Aufbau has been held in preventive detention for more than two months.

Following the events of May Day 2012, on 10th June this year ten comrades found cops armed to the teeth outside their doors. All comrades, all of them very young, were released six weeks later, except one. The reason for the searches and arrests: the comrades’ political activity on May Day 2010. The reason for these long preventive detentions: danger of collusion and distortion of evidence… two months after May Day!


The political reason for this repressive attack can be seen, among other things, from the repressors’ obsession in collecting footage and pictures of the entire May Day 2012 in Zurich, the insistent questionings of the arrested comrades about their political ideas, and the fact that widespread solidarity with prisoners (correspondence and solidarity demos) is a pretext used to turn the belonging to a ‘conspiracy and loyal community’ into evidence of a crime.


We oppose our solidarity to these attempts at spreading terror. To be present in public places is crucial because it is there that protest and resistance become visible. There is therefore the necessity to defend the comrades whom they want to arrest, persecute and deport from the country because these comrades are accused of using public spaces to bring their political claims to the piazzas and unite with others.


If solidarity is being abused in order to criminalize people and keep them locked up for longer, then it is really urgent to develop solidarity beyond specific positions, not to let them divide us and produce common responses to these attacks. It is a question of responding urgently in an offensive way to the deepening of repression of activities in public spaces as well as to the criminalization of solidarity and political identity. It is urgent to support, still respecting different political positions, the struggle for those who are imprisoned, under investigation or threat of deportation.


Our solidarity against repression!

Freedom for all political prisoners!   

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