A letter from Massimo [Passamani] from prison in Alessandria, Italy


Alessandria, eighteenth day of September 2012

Dear comrades,
With this letter I want to tell you something that is close to my heart
and to let you know of my intention. When I was taken to the segregation
unit of Tolmezzo prison on August 27 I met some of the guys locked up
there. I was greeted not just with solidarity but like a brother. Although
only for a week (I was then transferred to the high security section here
in Alessandria) we shared food, coffee, cigarettes, shouting and banging on
the bars. Tolmezzo is a punitive prison, where abuse and beatings are a
daily occurrence. I reported all this to the investigating judge, before
whom I exercised my right not to answer questions.

>Among others I met Maurizio Alfieri, who has been in prison for eighteen
>years now without ever having enjoyed a single day of early release for
>always having fought with his head held high. In solitary confinement for
>more than three months for the many complaints about beatings that he has
>collected and sent out, he is continually under threat (the last time in
>retaliation for the solidarity demo outside the prison there in Tolmezzo
>organized by the comrades: denied telephone conversation, Disciplinary
>Board for him and the other guys). Maurizio’s capacity and brotherly
>kindness went straight to my heart. The same goes for the comrades that
>Maurizio is in contact with, stronger and more decided than ever. Now,
>after having made him suffer it for a very long time, they are threatening
>to put him on the 14bis regime again (no TV, continually locked up,
>restricted exercise periods, etc..).
>With this letter I declare in advance – so that everyone takes their
>responsibilities – that if the director of Tolmezzo prison were to apply
>this vengeful, cowardly measure, I shall go on hunger strike immediately.
>I do not have much sympathy for hunger strikes (on the principle that if
>it is the oppressors that commit injustice, I don’t see why we should be
>the ones to suffer ….), but for the time being I want to reserve other
>forms of struggle for any questions also concerning the other comrades
>imprisoned with me in high security. This form of protest would serve
>primarily to keep alive my thoughts and proximity to Maurizio.
> That section is intended to isolate us not only from the rest of the
>world and the struggles, but also from other prisoners and, more
>generally, from our class. My effort wants to go in the obstinate and
>opposite direction. Often in our leaflets and texts we talk of wild
>youth, of dangerous classes, of social rebels as our “natural”
>accomplices in the revolt and revenge. Basically power, with its claimed
>”associations” preventively attacks our disposition in a society that is
>a “throng of lonely people”, to share ideas, dreams, needs, practices,
>life. Precisely as a robber named Maurizio did with a stranger, as I was.
>I ask those who share similar feelings and visions of life to mobilize so
>that this 14bis – jail within the jail – does not pass. To be a little
>more free. Not to forget those who have carried on fighting, even in
>prison, even alone.
>Take this letter – as the former never came – to thank everyone for the
>warm solidarity that illuminates my days.
> A hug to the prisoner comrades, to my brothers in solitary confinement in
>Tolmezzo, to the Valle that are resisting and to those fighting for the
>freedom of all, even at the risk of losing their own.
>Massimo Passamani
>To write to Maurizio:
>Maurizio Alfieri – c.c. via paluzza 77 – 33028 Tolmezzo (Udine)
>Letters and postcards to the Director would also be useful
>To write to Massimo:
>Massimo Passamani
>Carcere San Michele strada Casale 50/A
>15122 Alessandria

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