Italy – Two communiqués from Giulia, one of the comrades arrested following ‘operation Ardire’



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We receive and transmit two communiqués from Giulia, anarchist comrade imprisoned since June 13 in the Rebibbia prison following operation ‘Ardire’.


To write to her:


Giulia Marziale

CC Rebibbia

Vua Bartolo Longo 92

00156 Rome



From inside a jail.


Pay attention please!

This is a small contribution I want to give you in order to alert you 100 days after my arrest.

1) If you happen to have lamp holders equipped with bulbs in your house, be careful, you might regret this. But if you can’t help having a lump holder, do not keep bulbs in your house besides those already fitted in the lamp holder. If the bulbs burn out, you’ll be in the dark and only then will you be able to get new bulbs. But make sure you throw the old ones away because even these are excellent instruments to fabricate bombs, as acutely pointed out by both the ROS and the public prosecutor.

2) If you like to embellish your aspect with earrings, make sure you don’t buy them if they are made of copper. And if by chance a friend gives you a pair of copper earrings, get rid of them without delay because they are very dangerous weapons.

3) If you don’t have a maniacal habit of keeping things in their right place and you are untidy and have a tool box in which you also keep nails and pins, what can I tell you? Obviously you are dangerous terrorists, ready to make bombs at any time.

4) If you happen to have clothes pegs in your house, and these are not made of plastic but of wood, then you’d better burn them, reduce them to ashes and scatter the ashes to the four winds. You have no idea of what can hide behind them.


I’m serious, and this list of small but important warnings is useful because on the night I was arrested they found spare bulbs, copper earrings, nails, pins and a wooden clothes peg in my house, which I share with my comrade (and where I was not in that night). All these objects were put together, photographed and arranged in order to make them look like a set of objects destined to fabricate explosive devices. In this way the seized material was presented by the ROS and the public prosecutor during the preliminary hearing.

As they didn’t find any paper describing how these bombs can be fabricated, they were told – obviously they know me very well – that there was no need for this ‘because everything was in my mind, in my solid-state memory’!

All comments are superfluous, aren’t they?


I’d like to add another point to the list, apparently not connected with the previous ones.

5) If you are disgusted by this world, repudiate wars, exploitation and devastation; if you have never been afraid of saying this; if you have never kept your head down thinking ‘I can’t do anything about that’; if you have always exposed your ideas; if you are well aware of who are the responsible for the misery of our lives; if your are convinced that the society we live in is lobotomized; if you can’t look at a cage with indifference; if you your heart sinks, your blood pulsates and your vision becomes blurred at the sight of a woman, a man or an animal in a cage, well, sooner or later ‘you have to serve time in prison’, as a woman locked up here with me uses to say.

And if the way I’m, this Giulia I’m discovering as being strong, dignified, even more convinced of her ideas and despising the annihilation in which her jailers would like to throw her; if they want to label my way of being as dangerous, bombs maker, member of subversive associations (maybe linked to the informal FAI in spite of the fact that anything I’ve done, said and thought can’t possibly link me to any organizations) aiming at terrorizing and spreading panic among the people, well, I don’t allow them to do this and send it back to them.

Terrorist is anyone who locks up, hits with truncheons, devastates. And so, to quote the lyrics of a song, let the powerful tremble in front of the proud souls of all these ‘terrorists’, who are not afraid of struggling against  those who are  actually generating and invigorating terror, discrimination, inequality, devastation and exploitation.

Let them tremble, let them be afraid! Their real fear is the fact that they know that any cage they lock me up in, be it a cell, a job, slander, isolation, nothing will erase my will to break it down, and to continue to look at the world with lucid, sharp, alive and free eyes.

Let them smash their brain while they look for better chains for me, I’ll be the strongest one. Because I have the awareness of what I’m, and they can never touch this.

Let them specialize in the fine art (the true art of our times) of reinventing a meaning for words, where wars become peace missions, bombs are intelligent and not dangerous, copper earrings and lamp holders become dangerous explosives, terrorism is not that of those who lock up, kill and repress but that of those who criticize all this, devastation is called civilization, progress or wealth, refusing the status quo of injustice is synonymous of social dangerousness, imprisoned immigrants are called guests.


My words don’t bear the weight of the history of our times, of the anger, determination, will of destroying all the cruelty and fury of the cages that imprison the lives of us all, inside and outside prisons, slaves of a life we don’t want, of a world that is falling to pieces and calls progress its remains.


On the side of those who struggle and don’t bow down.


Bombs and terror are being spread by the State, Power and our holy Democracy.


Freedom for all.


A free woman





Is There Anybody Out There?


There is reason to believe that all the fuss created by the unfortunate events concerning Pussy Riot, and the wave of indignation and solidarity sprung from the democratic minds of journalists, singers, men and women of the government, has come from the extenuating circumstance of Pussy Riot wearing coloured balaclavas while committing a ‘criminal’ offence.

Personally I’m almost certain of this. In fact, let’s face it, colours attract more attention, brighten our lives, make us more sympathetic and open to others.

Otherwise one cannot understand why journalists, always ready to launch themselves in ‘bold’ articles aiming at banging the enemies of society (hooded terrorists accused of unfurling banners, offending the republic and its institutions with dangerous subversive actions like spreading glue and paint on the walls of the cities) on the front page, have endorsed the cause of Pussy Riot.

It must be due to the colour of their balaclavas!

Yes, because in their so much shown off democracy, and from the highnesses from which they launch tirades against ruthless Putin and the medieval Patriarch of the Church of Moscow, such a situation would have never occurred.

Or rather it would occur if balaclavas and hoodies were black, and if instead of Putin’s name that of some other known jailer of our lives, say a minister, a police chief, a politician, a powerful priest of Rome were shouted aloud (and not in praise).


I don’t know how many indignant journalists of the recent times have read the penal code of our holy democracy. I think very few of them.

After all, it is well known, their work is massive, the defence of the democratic rights (of other countries) can never stop, it is a very tough job and they can’t waste their time.

But I’ve got time, as I’m locked up in a homeland jail for how long I don’t know (imprisoned awaiting trial), and I decided to help these gentlemen with their noble work.

Article 405 of the penal code, Disturbance of religious services of the cult of a given religion: ‘Anyone who prevents or disrupts the exercise of religious functions, ceremonies or practices of the cult of a given religion… is punishable with imprisonment up to 2 years’. I would add the crime of misrepresentation (bill numb. 152 of 22/05/1975): ‘the use of helmets or any other means that makes it difficult to recognize a person in an open public space without justification is forbidden… in demonstrations… with the exception of sporting events. The offender is punished with imprisonment of 1 to 2 years and a 1,000 to 2,000 fine’. And why not, also public insult to religion, president of the republic, the republic and its institutions… It’s such an effort.

In other words, if Pussy Riot had done the same thing in Italy they would have received an even worse treatment.

Now, certainly I’m not interested in lessons of comparative law, especially as my knowledge of this ominous world, which doesn’t belong to me, is very limited.

I’d just like ‘to explore the San Patrick’s world of your democracy’ in order to stir in troubled waters. If my words had the strength of my anger I’d certainly be more effective and pressing in exposing my points. I wonder whether these days’ defenders of freedom write their articles with naive awareness or with the typical and hypocritical servility that characterize them. The same one that allows them to dedicate pages and pages of thanksgiving to those who have saved the country from dangerous bombers without taking care to understand the real patterns hidden behind the imprisonment of so many people, as they reproduce the reports of their bosses embellished with some literary adjective (so as to make their articles more acceptable to readers who are almost always brainless but demanding) and fabricate a fictitious world.

This servility guarantees their moral integrity in front of public opinion, as people see them fighting against Assad’s murderous injustices, the arrest of Pussy Riot, for Assange, and in this way they don’t have to account for their dirty job carried out in their homeland, the only one for which the press is allowed to exist, in other words to justify and serve Power, the State and its henchmen.

So the Syrian rebels are rebels, whereas those in Val Susa are violent terrorists; Pussy Riot are dissidents, repressed by the Russian dictatorial system, whereas those who are accused of writing graffiti or unfurl banners against wars, the government or the responsible for eco disasters are very dangerous subversive people to the democratic order and must be locked up in jail (even before a trial, of course).

Oh, sorry, I forgot! In democratic Italy Pussy Riot would have been given the beloved and fashionable article 270bis, besides the already mentioned articles of the penal codes. After all, three people singing against the government in a church, what is this if not subversive association with terrorist aims, with ‘the aggravated circumstance of invoking the madonna’s help’ (and here, in the hands of some priest/public prosecutor they would also been inflicted ‘witchcraft and heresy’)?

I’m sure that my words will fall in the emptiness of your heads, dear journalists, and I wish you can continue your important job and never look yourself in the mirror, in case you should see a uniform instead of your clothes, a chain instead of your brain, a truncheon instead of your pen.

By the way, to avoid any doubt, solidarity with Pussy Riot not in the name of democracy and its rights but in the name of freedom, against prisons and their jailers, against all the conformists who point their finger at the other side of the enclosure and don’t see the mud reaching their legs.

All this said I hope that Pussy Riot won’t get sucked into an international police operation linking them to an intergalactic subversive association.


Greetings from Giulia, a subversive girl without coloured balaclava, imprisoned in the jail of Rebibbia.


Happy end of the summer!


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