Police car torched by Cholera Cell in Buenos Aires


From Contra Info (September 27, 2012):

Rat poison campaign:

At 11 p.m., we torched a new red Volkswagen belonging to the 7th Precinct criminal investigation squad at the corner of Calle Irigoyen and Calle Jujuy.

The action was carried out in the context of the September 21–30 global Week of Agitation and Propaganda for Prisoners of the Social War, as well as the context pertaining to our survival in Buenos Aires.

We’re getting closer.

Know that we will attack you and your accomplices from the State and the TBA railway company for those murdered on the Sarmiento line, know that we will attack you for the increased ticket prices that force people to be added to a social control list via their SUBE card, know that we will attack you pig businessmen who sell us food poisoned with shit. And above all, know full well that you police pigs—who are the slaves of the rich and do nothing but kill, torture, and imprison—will be the first to fall.

Strength and dignity to all the comrade prisoners in Italy, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Indonesia, Germany, Russia.



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