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September with whoever you like?


On Friday September 14 Nicola  and  Alfredo, two anarchists known for years in Turin and Italy, were arrested and pressed with serious charges: attack with aims of terrorism following the wounding of the manager of Ansaldo Nuclear, an action claimed by the Olga Fai- Fri Nucleus in May 2012.

When they were arrested there was no evidence apart from hypothesis proposed with little care by Ros and Digos, which didn’t even agree with each other. This had led to a first request for remand in custody on July 11 2012, which had been refused by the judge for lack of sufficient evidence.
At the judge’s refusal, the public prosecutor tried it again, and unleashed RIS,ROS,Digos,etc with very poor results. He went on and compulsively fomented his cops into doing more. The latter, after mixing up with phone tapping, old files and other amenities, produced a masterpiece: the comrades must be arrested because they might escape, because they want to escape first in June and later in September.
They would finance their golden hiding with the proceeds of a tattoo convention, they would go to France, no, to Portugal, no, to Mexico, maybe with the help of a wrecked Toyota picnic, maybe by selling off the pictures they have at home.
They must be arrested because they want to escape, or rather because one of them is working but is unable to plan his holidays; they must be arrested because they are insurrectionist anarchists, or rather because they are friends with the Red Brigades (as they attended a conference held by Red Brigade Sante Notarnicola, recently released from priosn); they must be arrested becasue they destroy bugs and cameras when they find them in their home, because they are friend of previous offenders, because they check news on the internet concerning Adinolfi’s wounding and other events of anti-anarchist repression, because they make jokes about never ending raids and investigations even if they know they are being phone tapped, because sometimes they face the cops shadowing them, because they do a paper called KNO3, because they are on trial for 270bis in Perugia, because they have been investigated by various prosecutors in Italy for 15 years, since the Marini trial, so they must be guilty of something.

I know I have two friends, comrades, brothers, or other names I’ve been calling them in 15 years of our love and friendship. I know they are in jail, in isolation, I know that we must struggle for their freedom and for the freedom of all prisoners. All the rest are police press reports and chatter from peanuts.

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