Greece – A few words concerning the case of Anarchist Anastasios Theofilou a couple of notes…


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A few words concerning the case of Anastasios Theofilou a couple of notes…


In the present phase of the “development“ of capitalism, work is not a right or blackmail. It is a privilege. The only way out for those isolated from the material and spiritual wealth of the society of Capital, in order for them to survive, is “crime”.

And crime has many dimensions, many meanings and many versions. Going against the media meanings we should not admit the law as the limit between ethical and unethical. Good and bad. Just and unjust. Neither of course should we naively change its sign using it as the limit between revolutionary and non-revolutionary.

We ought to deal with crime calmly, beyond ethics and romanticises, as one more social activity which its individual characteristics define its importance. In a nutshell, a criterion of our critique must be that if an activity, illegal or legal -this does not concern us-, serves either the personal interests of people of our class, or the plan of emancipation of our class from the class of the owners and managers of the Capital. The class, that is, which is limited now to snatching with robbing terms our sole commodity, our work force, but even worse it deprives us of the possibility of selling it.


I am accused of a robbery which ended in a tragedy. I did not want to mention these incidents since I do not know them except for through the deforming lens of the media. In the end though I find it necessary to say a few words concerning this. For a citizen to try and defend the money of an institution, the greed of which has led the 2/3 of humanity to poverty, is surely something absurd.

This does not mean that the answer is the taking of his life. I do not know there circumstances and therefore I cannot know if it was a cold blooded execution or a fight which led to gun shots. I would like to believe, according to the testimonies of the witnesses, the latter.

In any case a person was killed. A person who if he had the calmness to think even for a few seconds what he is about to do, might have changed opinion and from a persecutor he would have become a supporter of the robbers.

But he is dead and he cannot defend himself. Neither against some comrades who give characterisms that do not suit someone deceased, nor mainly against the grave robbers of the anti-terrorist force and the media who set up a dance over his body, in order to serve political intentions.

I am an anarchist communist.I love life and freedom. Lets fight to tear down the prisons which bury inside them thousands living people. Lets fight for the vision of social liberation. Lets fight for the libaration of our class from the authority of the capital.


A.K. Theofilou

Wing B’2 Domokos prisons

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