New CCF trial, together with other cases, Session 3, Monday 22/10/2012 – Athens


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs

New CCF trial, together with other cases, Session 3, Monday 22/10/2012

Theofilos Mavropoulos spoke first today and read out excerpts from a statement by the wanted comrades Giannis Mihailidis and Dimitris Politis, who arwe accused of being members of the CCF:
“Let us speak at the occasion of the trial against the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, because we happen to be wanted in this case.

No, we’re not making any appeal to the judicial representatives of Power. It makes no sense to address our enemies. We appeal to our comrades, in the narrow and broad sense of the word. We want to first clarify that we are not members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, not to forego any of our legal responsibilities, but to avoid the identification of our political discourse with the organization’s discourse, given that we maintain our disagreements.
Of course, we remain unrepentant for our choice to support and be factually supported by the CCF comrades, and our choice to join actively in the anarchist struggle.
As anarchists, we are hostile to the judicial system and the State in its entirety. Therefore, to us, any state prosecution against us is also a title of honour
We stand in solidarity with our comrades of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, our comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos, the anarchist revolutionaries accused in the same case, and all unrepentant prisoners of the revolutionary war.”
Then spoke Christos Tsakalos, who started by saying “So, because our words are actions, we do not intend to resort to a cowardly rhetoric of innocence. Legitimacy for us is the treaty of the slaves. The law is a prostitute which pimps itself out for the interest of authority.
And all you judges and “honourable” prosecutors are the pimps which escort it to its clients. It is true we broke your laws. It is true that we will act the same again and again. You judge in the name of the law, we act in the name of dignity and anarchist conscience. Between us there is a gap which does not fit neither legal kindness, nor pretentious dialogues”. And he concluded, : “One thing therefore you can be sure of. We will not give you even a second of peace”.
The chairwoman of the terror-court Maria Tzanakaki, in her attempt to make the advocates to shorten the necessary time of the trial break, made the mistake of publicizing her verdict on the innocence or not of the accused. Addressing their advocates she reminded them that the accused are temporarily imprisoned and that there is also the matter of the 18month pre-sentence detainment period.
This means that the accused should not be released after the 18 month period finishes. Prosecutor Bagias was asked that the trial is adjourned after 10am, he answered that this cannot take place because the accused are temporarily imprisoned! Finally, the prosecutor proposed a week adjournment and the terror-court accepted his proposal. Thus, the trial will continue on Monday October 29th.

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