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On Saturday October 20 a hundred people gathered outside the prison in Ferrara in solidarity with Maurizio, who has been recently moved there from the prison of Cuneo and who has been held for nine months following the repressive operation against the NO TAV movement, which led to the arrest of 26 people on 26th January.

After nine months of preventive detention, two comrades are still being held captive by the State: Alessio in the prison of Prato and Maurizio in the prison of Ferrara.

During the days preceding the demo, the disinformation channels, that is to say the usual shit papers whose main source are police press reports, had prepared the well-known atmosphere of witch-hunt, with utterly ridiculous articles aiming at spreading confusion and alarm on the demo.

Their job was subsequently completed by the local police, who mobilised various antiriot units of police and carabinieri with the approval and support of the Council and its municipal police, and blocked all roads leading to the prison. On its part, the prison Governor cancelled all visits scheduled for that day, in order to prevent the families of prisoners from meeting up with the comrades.
At first we were even denied the chance to reach the demo by car, in spite of the fact that the demo had been ‘authorized’. Only after some animated exchanges with the municipal police blocking the roads did we manage to pass over, after considering the possibility to block all road traffic and improvise a march to the prison.
We want to point out that the roads to the prison were not closed to avoid possible disruption to the circulation, as officially stated. This new trick was carried out only in order to isolate the demo and confine it to a desert road. In fact, the blockades of the Council and the Police did cause much more disruption (traffic congestion on all other roads) than that the demo would have caused. So much the worse for them and for the average Ferrara citizen.

Choirs, slogans and banners against prison, music, speeches and fireworks greeted Maurizio and all the other prisoners (with the exception of the crowded unit hosting the collaboratori di giustizia [prisoners who collaborate with the justice system, snitches, TN]). Once again we relaunched the urgency of a world without cages, be them prisons or the concentration camps for immigrants called CIE.

And once again we mentioned the NO TAV struggle: a self-organized and horizontal struggle, a direct struggle determined to stop the devastation of the Susa valley threatened by the Lyon-Turin high speed railway track; a struggle which was also able to cross geographical borders by locating the real monster to be fought in the entire social-economic apparatus and in its countless cogs.

A struggle that is facing unequaled militarization in the territory of Val Susa (and not only in the area of the TAV construction yard), where political power is showing unconditional servitude to construction companies (such as CMC) and where the State is demonstrating that its role is that of watchdog in defence of the interests and wealth of the rich.
A struggle that couldn’t be stopped by either the cops’ truncheons, water cannons and teargas or by the various judges (Caselli being the first)’ repressive theorems.

We know that prison, which functions as the last resort of the State against the individuals who are not willing to make any compromise with the exlpoiters, mirrors the world, which in turn reproduces prison in society through a net of authoritarian relations.

Therefore, as we were shouting ‘freedom for all’ we were not simply expressing our desire to see our imprisoned comrades back with us, and make them feel our closeness to them.

A demo outside the prison walls, even if it represents an occasion to greet prisoners, is not such a big expression of solidarity or of struggle. It is an occasion to stay close to those who are kept behind bars and a starting point for invigorating the struggles whose criminalization led to the comrades’ imprisonment. To relaunch revolutionary solidarity and complicity does not only mean to organize demos outside a prison but also to organize oneself in order to blow up the prison walls and to radicalize those conflicts that represents dangerous thorns in the side of dominion.
To write to the NO TAV imprisoned comrades:

C.C.Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara


Alessio Del Sordo
C.C. via La Montagnola 76
59100 Prato

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