Greece – Announcement by Christos Tsakalos (member of the CCF) before the beginning of the 3rd session on 22/10/2012


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs
Announcement by Christos Tsakalos (member of the CCF) before the beginning of the 3rd session on 22/10/2012
So, because our words are actions, we do not intend to resort to a cowardly rhetoric of innocence. Legitimacy for us is the treaty of the slaves.The law is a prostitute which pimps itself out for the interest of authority. And all you judges and “honourable” prosecutors are the pimps which escort it to its clients. It is true we broke your laws.
It is true that we will act the same again and again. You judge in the name of the law, we act in the name of dignity and anarchist conscience. Between us there is a gap which does not fit neither legal kindness, nor pretentious dialogues. Our intention is for this trial to become the reason for more anarchist attacks internationally.
We are not here to be tried and reverently bow our heads to your “sacred” laws. On the contrary we are here to provoke with our impiety towards every authority and abolish the fear of oppression. Thus we send a signal to our comrades. When inside you don’t regret your decisions, then no authority can beat you.
I will in no way use the orthodox revolutionary rhetoric by speaking about our noble motives and the oppressed people. No, our anarchist insurrection is clearly a personal existential case of each one of us, and not a literature report with selflessness and politeness inside a court room. We do not represent anyone except ourselves. We are anarchists-individualists and nihilists and we believe in the will power of the individual.
We are comrades with those who turn their words into fire, rocks, bullets and we despise the society which fatally bows the head to authority, tolerates the fascists and hides in its fears and illusions.
Freedom is not begged for, it is conquered.
We are victimizers and not victims.
We are the hunted who hunt the hunters.
We have a dream which we transform into thought.
We have a thought which we transform into action.
We have an action which we transform into attack, even if this is our last breath.
It is the breath which is heard by every anarchist urban guerilla and is transformed into a chant at a demonstration, into fire, into a wick, into a detonator, into an explosion.
It is our voice which was united with the voices of the 300 comrades who on Friday night carried out a solidarity demonstration to the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in the centre of Athens and Exarhia, disturbing with their passion the social cemetery of the metropolis.
It is our rage which becomes gasoline in the hands of the comrades who the last few weeks have been torching and smashing trams, atms, banks, government vehicles, post offices, pawn shops, expressing their solidarity to us.
One thing therefore you can be sure of. We will not give you even a second of peace. At the same time we would like to send our warmest greetings to the New C.C.F.- Groups for the Spreading of Terror, the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and to all the anarchists of praxis.

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