New C.C.F. trial, Session 5, Tuesday 30/10/12 Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs
New C.C.F. trial, Session 5, Tuesday 30/10/12  Athens.
This session lasted about 4 hours and was limited to the reading of the enacting ordinances of the referral indictments. This had been proposed by the defence advocates who could not appear in the session, sothe trial could not have continued without their presence.
During the reading of the ordination of the referral indictment number 208, it was realized that the advocates had not got page 209 which concerns the Chilean embassy. There was some tension and advocate F.Ragousis objected, according to article 173 of the code of criminal procedure, asking for the specific page to not be read and not be taken into consideration.
The terror-court, after the proposition of the prosecutor, rejected the first part of the objection, which was to not read the page, and reserved the right to decide about the second part.
The trial will continue on Monday 5/11/2012 at 10am. and it will begin with statements of the accused comrades concerning the indictments. It is a standard practice in all courts (not just the terror-courts).

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