Florence, Italy –Initiative in solidarity with antifascists in Greece


Posted by Centro Popolare Autogestito Firenze Sud.

Cultural, social and political activities for antifascism and social solidarity since 1986.

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Poster reads:

Against fascism.

Against Golden Dawn.

On the side of Greek antifascists.

International antifascist solidarity.


Thursday November 8, 9:30pm

Talk with Greek comrades and antifascists at the self-managed space Firenze Sud.

Saturday November 17, 4pm

Demo outside the Greek consulate on via Cavour.



For many of us Greece is a clear example of the violence that is hitting the working class, the unemployed and the most vulnerable people through the imposition of economic austerity measures. At the same time, however, Greece is also an example of the resistance that people are expressing every day with strikes, road blocks, defiant attitude towards prohibitions and police violence. But if the crisis and its material consequences generate resistance we are also witnessing, within the current political conflict, the re-emerging of a phenomenon which was thought to have been defeated: fascism.

All over Europe a fresh upsurge of neo-fascism is taking place. Its historical context is different but its forms and methods are the same as they were in the past. Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Germany: long is the list of the countries where wide State sectors are employing, financing and using neo-fascist organizations as armed forces against the movements that put exploitation and the interests of capital into question.

Greece is an outstanding example of how the relation between State and neo-fascists is becoming a real danger. Through the presence and growth of organizations such as Golden Dawn, the State is using fascism as a solution for the management of the crisis.

Golden Dawn is acting following the classic methods of the fascist doctrine, the same ones we tragically saw in the past: the same forms of collusion with wide State sectors, which cover and finance its fascist members, guarantee them impunity and turn fear of the future into need for security.

Golden Dawn members are ‘allowed’ to carry out police tasks against immigrants and immigration groups, as deportations, attacks on leftist parties sites and places of the movements are becoming normal routine. Police stations are being used as Golden Dawn’s safe places, and it is from there that the fascist organization gets their information. More than half of the police forces voted for Golden Dawn. It is not by chance that the organization got 7% in the last elections, whereas in the past it hardly hit 1%.

We are not in Greece but we are going through the same historical period and, we like it or not, we are involved in everything that is happening around us.

There are so many connections between European neo-fascist organizations, and Italian neo-fascists seem very interested in what Golden Dawn is doing. And there are so many points in common between Greek neo-fascism and the Italian one as the consequences of the austerity measures imposed by the Greek government look very much like those brought about by Monti’s government.

Greek antifascists are not simply observing the situation, on the contrary they are organizing themselves in the most effective forms and with the most effective methods, risking in first person and taking their historical responsibility in the struggle against Golden Dawn. Greek antifascists are being attacked daily but they do react without fear, in spite of arrests and torture inflicted in police stations.

We are standing on their side as we want to follow their example and mobilize, denounce, create solidarity and struggle in order to support their struggle against Golden Dawn, our common struggle against fascism.



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