Greece – Athens – New CCF trial, Session 6, Monday 5/11/2012


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs
New CCF trial,
Session 6,
Monday 5/11/2012
This session was very short, given that all Lawyer Associations have called for a five-day abstention and, the advocates, through S.Fitrakis, announced that they are absenting from this session.
Because two advocates, A.Paparousou and F.Ragousis (through a representative), stated that they have problems with the dates of next session, Paparousou for Monday 12th November and Ragousis for Wednesday 14th November, the chairwoman of the terror-court M.Tzanakaki, who every time the next date is discussed she expresses her stress that tie is going by and there is no progress in the trial, was intended for Friday November 16th, after throwing her “threat”, that maybe later the terror-court will have to have sessions every day.
Then intervened the prosecutor S.Bagias to say that “that is too far” and proposed Monday the 12th, which the chairwoman agreed on.


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