Italy – A rebel life. Marco Camenisch, ed. Alpi Occidentali, and solidarity posters


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Still on the side of Marco Camenisch, as many of us have been in these years of prison, struggle, solidarity. To choose which side stand for means not to abandon one’s own comrades, and in a context of struggle it also means not to forget those who end up in chains because of their struggle.

In this sense, this pamphlet and the exhibition that accompanies it are meant as a contribution to the re-launching of a mobilization, which gives continuity to the many others that have accompanied Marco in his long prison journey between Italy and Switzerland. A mobilization that is absolutely necessary today, considering the treatment that the authorities are inflicting on Marco, as they are denying him release after he served 2/3 of his sentence and are threatening the possibility of “confinement” to be administered at the end of the sentence. The Swiss judicial system, in fact, and that of many other European countries, envisages the concrete possibility that a prisoner sentenced to certain crimes cannot get out of jail after he served his sentence, unless a special commission decides otherwise.

In addition to this, an ordinance of remand in custody against Marco was recently issued by Italian prosecutors in the context of the nth reprisal against revolutionary movements, the anarchist one in this case. This makes the reasons for re-launching a solidarity mobilization even more urgent.

If the Swiss authorities have chosen to keep going at Marco, it is the case to make them understand that the relation between him and us, the comrades outside, is getting stronger and stronger. To continue to struggle on the side of all the imprisoned comrades is an inevitable step towards a world worth living in. We are also convinced that a mobilization specifically set up for an imprisoned revolutionary can develop without falling in the category of “personalismo” [the cult of a particular person]; on the contrary it can help defend, expand and realize perspectives of liberation and conflict.

In this sense we also see the contribution that Marco has been giving with his choices and trajectories. Showing constant coherence between ideas and life, Marco was among the first ones to identify the enemy not only in the State and its apparatus but also in the plans of progress, which has always been presented as liberation but which is only slavery, production that consumes living beings and territories and technology, that deadly tentacle gnawing at human conscience and the entire planet. Marco was able to struggle against all this by placing it in a vision of concrete and radical transformation of the existent. He did this in freedom by choosing a life free from imposed rules and by putting into practice the urgency of hostility against an economic and social order that oppresses and poisons.

He did this from prison, by denouncing the conditions of imprisonment inflicted on himself and on other prisoners, by countless hunger strikes, by his constant support to the growth and circulation of ideas and practices that push us not to surrender to the disaster surrounding us and incite us to face it instead.

Marco’s life is his determination not to survive passively in prison, his being there in the struggle, his many propositions to the international revolutionary movement. And this is also part of our life and of that of all those who feel the call of rebellion and freedom.

Today more than ever our wish to physically hug Marco in the struggles to come can become true only thanks to a mobilization made of different but complementary sensibilities and methods of intervention. After all, we think that reciprocity between forms of struggle is a thrilling perspective, and not only because it is meant to take a comrade away from the clutches of prison.

“Life is love, struggle, unpredictable and irreducible rebellion. As long as things stand like this, the monster and its prisons will only be shaky nightmares destined to disappear. We have no reason to lose courage or surrender. There are only reasons for struggling and celebrating life!”


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[from the introduction to the pamphlet on Marco Camenisch]


Pamphlet on Marco Camenisch [Ed. Alpi Occidentali – available from various distros and from Porfido]

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 Edizioni Alpi Occidentali, June 2012, pages.56, 2.50 euro

Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

 Those who want to think have a brain, those who want to understand know the language of humanity and life. Living dead only understand the language of money, wealth, power and the law. To these people I can only say: as you only listen to cannons and don’t understand other languages, we have decided to turn the cannon against you.” 

Through a series of communiqués, this pamphlet retraces the story of Marco Camenish’s imprisonment, from 1981 to his failed release, which should have taken place in May 2012.
It also includes a chronology of the actions carried out all over the world in solidarity with Marco during these years.

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