Athens, the Revolutionary Struggle trial: Statement of anarchist Jean Weir to the terror court of Korydallos 10/09/2012


FOTO  BANNER SOLIDARITY FROM : Actforfreedomnow /boubourAs  in the anarchist book fair in london 27 octomber 12

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”Anarchists are against hierarchy and this also applies to the
weapons used in the struggle. The weaponry of the anarchist combines
the idea, the concept of freedom and the need to destroy not only
inequality and poverty but also and at the same time, authority, hierarchy
and obedience. They have the capacity to organise themselves and go to

      the attack without leaders or led, and push others to do the same. Words,
stones, pistols, fire, dynamite, Molotov cocktails, graffiti, sledgehammers,
hacksaws, theory, analysis, identification of the class enemy as
it changes in order to stay the same, machine-guns, spray cans, bazookas
are some of the weapons for the self-management of the attack..”

jean weir

September 2012


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