Italy – Poster for the demo in solidarity with Nicola and Alfredo


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd


Poster reads:


                                                               CONFLICT AND REPRESSION

On May 7 2012 Roberto Adinolfi, one of the bosses of nuclear power, is attacked in Genoa. Adinolfi is the managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare, a Finmeccanica company, which besides making nuclear research sells technologies to the most ruthless dictatorships in the world, and designs and fabricates equipments for social control and repression and weapons of mass destruction. The armed attack on Adinolfi is claimed by a nucleus of the FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation). Following investigations by anti-terrorism units (DIGOS and ROS) raids are carried out and two anarchists from Turin, Alfredo and Nicola, are accused of being the perpetrators of the action.

Public prosecutor Silvio Franz of the Prosecution of Genoa (the same man who concluded the investigation on Carlo Giuliani’s death by stating that ‘the pistol [of the cop who shot at Carlo and killed him, TN]] was the only adequate means to stop the aggression’) issues two ordinances of remand in custody and puts another person under investigation.  Alfredo and Nicola are still being held in the notorious prison of Sanremo, in total solitary confinement, where they are subjected to arbitrary seizure of their correspondence.
It is obvious that the Democratic State, while pursuing its witch-hunt, is carrying out a repressive strategy aimed at annihilating, on all levels, those who are considered thorns in the side of the powerful and at intimidating all those who dare to rebel and threat social peace, which is the essential requisite for the implementation of bosses and politicians’ plans. Repression is acting over us all every day and in various forms, from the most subtle ones to the most obvious ones. Repression is an employer who decides the timing of our life; it is the school, which teaches us the right way for remaining in the ranks; it is psychiatry, which labels our peculiarities as illness and erases them with the psychotropic drugs delivered by big multinationals; it is video-surveillance cameras, which control, monitor and analyze our movements and habits; it is the war on the poor, which the military is waging in our streets; it is television and advertisement, which sell us a fictitious world, fabricate fictitious impossible dreams, take us ways from the possibility of a life worth living and alienate us from our real needs, joys and pains.
When all this is not sufficient for someone to bow their head and live within the imposed limits, repression takes the cruellest form: prison. Imprisonment is often followed by solitary confinement, which aims at annihilating prisoners and their dignity, and at taking them away from real relations and struggles, social as well as individual.
What they cannot take away form us, what remains there and if we want will always remain there, in our hands only, is the practice of solidarity, the only insurmountable obstacle to the projects of profit/dominion of the bosses and to the repressive strategy of the State apparatus.
We repeat without really repeating ourselves that the only real terrorists are States, multinationals, armies, those who plan works of devastation, nuclear power stations and instrument of destruction. We bring our solidarity to Alfredo and Nicola outside the prison of Sanremo where they are being held.









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