Op. ‘Ardire’ – Paola’s letter from the prison of Rebibbia


Op. ‘Ardire’ – Paola’s letter from the prison of Rebibbia

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We receive and transmit this letter from Paola, a comrade imprisoned in Rebibbia following op.Ardire:

A few considerations on “Opera Ardire”
Perugia and the rest of the world from June 13 2012 to unknown date.
In the course of these four months of imprisonment I’ve often found myself (and how could it be
otherwise!) thinking about the current situation, ours and that concerning the various repressive
measures which followed one another in the last months. The media backlash these measures provoked
doesn’t surprise those who, as antiauthoritarians, got used to punitive operations carried out by judges
and the military. But the script good for all occasions presents its pecularities every time it is staged.
This time it is being presented to a potentially restless audience, whose attention must be taken away
from the general impoverishment affecting everybody every day, and must therefore be discouraged from the will (if ever this is secretly cultivated) to react in the same way people are noisily reacting in the streets of Spain and Greece.
The main perpetrator was the hurry the Home secretary displayed when she shouted ‘we got them’ after
the kneecapping of the manager of Ansaldo Nucleare.
The actors and actresses of the prosecution of Perugia, with their leading lady, have seen an occasion
to make it up for the very expensive “flop “ following the thriller of the Meredith murder case.
The direction was entrusted to State criminal Ganzer, who had the chance to polish his tabs afer they
had become lacklustre following a 14-year sentence (it can happen!) before he ended his honourable carrier.
Some asshole journalists got excited in their servile role as prompters. They employed all their genius to redevelop ad hoc the flamboyant lies of the prosecutor and present them in alarming headlines in typical evenites style, and in so doing they distinguished themselves for their critical incapacity. We had no
doubts about it!
The spectacle of repression is staged at a certain rhythms, which is necessary to the security and
repressive strategies aimed at crushing all manifestations of dissent. It often responds to the main
dynamics of the strategy of Terror of which the State is the historical and brilliant author and inventor.
As far as I am concerned I don’t like the role they imposed on me. I’m waiting for a better script and I’m
absolutely sure that I’ll never cheer at ‘their’ scripts.
I’m not going to adopt the language of dominion nor will I tune to the dialectics of judicial power.
Every time a guard locks the door of our cell I think I would never chenge my role with hers. And if I’m in my role it is because I would never be in the other one, that of those who carry on only with the force of authority, coercion and military weapons.
A big hug to my co-defendants locked up in Alessandria, and all my love to all those who every day experiment with new forms of freedom (of spaces, time, relations, gender, reappropriation).
A hug and a smile to all those who in these months have been shortening the distance between insideband outside with their being close to us.
Freedom for all!
With Love and Anger
To write to the comrade:
Paola Francesca Iozzi
CC Rebibbia Femminile
Via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma

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