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November 14 was a day of struggle all over Europe as individuals in every city built by the powerful have said enough is enough: enough with authoritarian and neo-liberal politics, with crisis and austerity, financial measures that are increasing poverty all over the world, cuts to public education, and most importantly enough with unions and parties that always sell our lives out.

In Rome, as happened in hundred other cities, students, temporary workers and the exploited of this society challenged the State and clashed against those who chose to defend power. The brutal violence of the police was confronted by a great number of angry kids, who were joined by all the people tired of submitting, bowing at injustices, living a life of privation and sacrifice. Anger is deep feeling, and rebellion is legitimate, right and necessary. In spite of the anger displayed by many, however, the enemy was stronger on a strategic level. The men in uniform decided where, when and how to clash. After hours of marching, in fact, a police block was set in a road with very few escape routes. These were antiriot cops ready to clash and therefore not exhausted like those who had walked all over the city. Like a vice-like grip, the antiriot police first split the demonstrators and then surrounded them. The numerous arrests and beatings are the most outstanding evidence of their strategy being successful. This can happen and it’s nobody’s fault but it teaches us that quick and unexpected actions work better and turn the surprise effect into our point of strength. For this reason we should be able to become familiar with the geography of our city. Certainly those who really live there every day are more agile than those who stay there only to obey fucking orders. To live one’s own city and take one’s own streets back mean exactly this, and we have also to bear in mind that one never stop learning. Only through the struggle one learns to live.
However, now we have to think of those who were arrests and inflicted direct assault by the forces of repression. We’ll never get tired to repeat this: our weapons are solidarity and complicity with those who practice the most various forms of resistance against the system and capital.
We must be close to the comrades deprived of their freedom because they decided to rebel against an unjust world, a world we cannot stand any more.





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