Solidarity with Villa Vegan squat in Italy from Assembly of Antispeciesist Action – Greece



Solidarity with Villa Vegan squat

Villa Vegan (Milan) is a vegan anarchist squat. For the past 14 years it has actively supported struggles against prisons, capitalism and modern civilization. It has opposed to immigrants’ detention centers; it has participated in feminist struggles as well as movements like earth and animal liberation. For all these years, it exists as a meeting point of free communication, exchange of revolutionary ideas and intentions. It also hosts events, concerts and many other self-organized and non-market attempts. This squat like thousands of others world widely is a place for those who deny to fit into the life imposed by the modern capitalistic needs, by the alienated, competitive social relations. It is also important for us to notify that in this squat there are many animals who have found shelter after having been liberated from nearby factory farms.

Everything mentioned above is enough for the municipal authorities and the police to move against the squatters. Specifically, in the mid of July cops appeared outside Villa Vegan where they delivered papers of the Sector of the State Property and Estate to two squatters. Through these papers they warn that they will take any necessary measure so as the building comes again at state’s disposal. Also, they reveal that they are conducting investigation in order to identify all the squatters. Our comrades have already realized snitches of Digos (political police of Milan) watching people who enter or leave the squat and keeping the numbers of their car signs. This pressure doesn’t terrify them but on the contrary they more stubborn they become to continue their fight. They say that they will defend themselves against the state the best possible and they call people from all over the world to participate and support their attempt in any desirable way.
The Italian reality doesn’t differ at all from the greek one-like most of the western societies. We undergo the same form of repression. We undergo the same form of repression;actions of direct clash against the oppressive system are called “terrorism”,incarcerations and excruciating tortures to dissidents,immigrants and social fighters are under everyday assaults,self organized places are threatened by all means .At this point, we would like to remind the decisive demos against the high velocity trains and the thousands of residents in Halkidiki who do not step back towards the leveling of the mountains and their lives. In each of these particular cases the cops stand against the demonstrators beating them or arresting them. The state uses all its means in order to control social life and guard the profits of the higher class. Its favorite method is the invasion into fighters’ houses. In Italy during the last few months dozens of people have been arrested on the accusation of conspiracy (these practiques are neither uncommon nor far from greek reality).
From our side, we would like to say that solidarity among rebelled people knows no distances and linguistic differences. Every time we are informed that a comrade is prosecuted, an attempt or a struggle is threatened, every time a form of freedom is violated, then we are all prosecuted, we are all threatened, all forms of freedom are violated. The more we equip our media and our counter- communication, the more courage we get. The stronger our solidarity becomes, the better our defenses are armed and as our struggle against authority.
No matter what are the circumstances that have been imposed, our fight will never know any compromise or negotiations with the authority. As much as repression becomes stronger and stronger, we will never bow our heads or assimilate into the masses of lawful, obedient citizens. Social and class struggle is endless.



Assembly of Antispeciesist Action

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