Greece -Statement of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire which was read out at the session on 19/11/12 by Gerasimos Tsakalos


Act for freedom now/boubourAs
Because silence is not gold and often it carries with it confusion, we want to clarify something as anarchist urban guerillas who participate in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. We do not intend to speak or excuse our actions to marionettes of the system which hide their cowardliness behind their juridical axiom.
You judge in the name of the law and we act in the name of our anarchist conscience. You chose as your truth a society whose memorials are prisons, banks police stations, ministries and courts and we a world of dignity, free conscience, anarchist insurrection and genuine meanings and desires.
There are no margins for comparison, or dialogue. There is only the armed clash between the inquisitors and courtiers of the existing society and its deniers. Just like Prometheas, we steal the fire of your empire and with audacity and impudence we unleash it against you so it can torch all the idols of authority you represent.
We will not act in your little play neither do we fit in your legal frames. The pages of your indictment seem very small to fit the and describe the size of the attack we want to unleash against the regime of democracy and the society of its subjugated.
Keep plenty of pages empty in the indictments and charges because the struggle has not finished, neither will we as a Conspiracy ever surrender our weapons. There are still desires which were not imprisoned, eyes which did not fear the enemy, mouths which did not speak the language of compromise, heads which did not bow towards the empire of authority… No sentence and no prison will make us change our choice. The choice of constant attack remains until the end…
As for our presence in court, we refuse to appear as disciplined and subdued accused who await the decision of their judges. We don’t care what you say and we cannot even see you… Because however in this trial, other people are accused who had, and neither could have had any relation with the C.C.F., in every session some comrades of us will be here to interrupt the slightest possibility of confusion which could be created…
This is why, at this point we stress to all, friends and enemies, lawyers and accusers, to limit themselves to the legal sector which is attributed to them and there should be no reference to the C.C.F.
The only people who can speak about the C.C.F. are us and the anarchists of praxis who have felt the breathe of the insurrected fire warming their covered faces, as they walk against their time, against the path of the mass…
Conspiracy Cells of Fire

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