Greece – Update on the Anarchists who are accused of being members of the C.C.F. but deny participation. Session 8, Monday 19/11/12


Giorgos Karagiannidis : stated that he is an anarchist and that he is not a member of the C.C.F. As an anrchist, he said, I do not invoke the token of innocence. For the rest I will speak in the rest of this procedure.

Alexandros Mitrousias : denied the charge of being a member of the CCF and attributed his implication in this case to the overzealousness of the oppressive policy against the CCF. As he said, he only accepts the charge for the fake identity card and possession of a weapon.
Kostas Sakkas : denied the charge of participating in the CCF and stated he is an anarchist.
Kostas Papadopoulos : also denied being a member of the CCF and clarified that the “dagger” for which he is accused of is a common penknife, found in every home, while the knuckle duster (the chairwoman asked about this item) is something sold freely on the market.
Finally, Stella Antoniou : also denied the charge of participation in the CCF.

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