Germany – A letter in solidarity with Marco Camenish by Gabriel Pombo Da Silva


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now/B.pd
We live beyond good and evil
Because what is great belongs to beauty!
So does ‘crime’, so does ‘perversion’, so does ‘pain’!
And we want to be as great as our ‘crime’!
In order not to vilify it.
We want to be as great as our ‘perversion’!
In order to make it aware of itself.
We want to be as great as our pain!
In order to be DIGNIFIED. Because we come from above.
From the home of beauty…
Renzo Novatore
Comrades, I’m sure that this endless beauty is what the ‘social workers of the prison of Lanzuburg’ reproach our brother Marco Camenisch for. His dignity and his being great.

This must be a terrible threat for those who are accustomed to inflicting absolute power on helpless people without political awareness like the prisoners of the small Swiss country.
Reproach and ‘fear’, as they know that ‘symbols’ can turn into ‘examples’ and ‘examples’ into… and so on.
In small and powerful Switzerland (where Marco is the only political prisoner) the inquisitors-leaders of dominion are not content with kidnapping our comrade’s body for decades, they also claim (unsuccessfully) they can make him renounce his fighting spirit. It is not ‘sufficient’for them to fulfil their disgusting sick ‘legal requisites’. They also want ANYYTHING else!
This is the conclusion one comes to after reading the motivations of the ‘Appeal’ presented by his lawyer Bernard Rambert concerning Marco’s release (on bail), which should have taken place last May 7, after Marco had served 2/3 of the maximum sentence in that country.
The fact is: Marco has been imprisoned for 21 years without a break, since he was arrested in Italy on November 5 1991 (after 10 years on the run following his escape from the prison of Poschwies in 1981). After serving his sentence in Italy, he was extradited to Switzerland in 2001…
In spite of the fact that all the ‘legal requisites’ (and I’m not going to mention the explicitly ‘humanitarian’ ones) for his release on bail are there, as also appears in the ‘no impediment’ form issued by so-called ‘social workers’, this is what these very social workers wrote on our comrade Marco.
I quote directly:
He refuses to come to terms with his past.
He refuses any psychological support.
He does not seem to want to collaborate.
He continues to be in touch with his comrades of ideology.
He refuses to abjure ‘his views on the world’.
As a consequence, the risk that he would be liable to commit ‘crimes’ again, ‘murder’, ‘bodily harm’, ‘explosive attacks and/or destruction of public buildings’ is very likely to exist…
I translated literally from German what the authors of this piece wrote. I only added some quotations. As for ‘Weltanschauung’, it can be translated as ‘ideals’ and/or ‘views on the word’.
Brothers, I think that when you read what is said above (words that demonstrate how their authors are not worthy of our comrade) you will feel the same sensation burning in your blood, the same sensation I felt when I read it. I’m a simple man, who talks to you looking into your eyes. I’m no politician or lawyer and I’m not going to ask you for ‘votes’, ‘signatures’ or ‘petitions’…
To my brothers I’m not going to ask for more than what I would be ready to do myself for anyone who was in my situation. To preach by example has always been my only ‘uniform’. As I was writing to my comrade Elisa (Di Bernardo) I proposed carrying out hunger strikes in turn (a week each) demanding that Marco be released in the month of December. The first ‘turn’ of this protest will be from December 1 to December 8, and so on. For reasons I explained to Elisa I’m taking the third turn (from December 15 to December 22).
The imprisoned comrades who want to join this solidarity initiative should find the way to do so publicly. We are not ‘begging’ anyone or trying to convince anyone to join this initiative. Those who want to also know how to do it.
If more comrades than we imagine join the initiative (which I doubt anyway) we can extend the month of protest to January…Anything can happen.
Now I can imagine how ‘social workers’ of all sorts will find yet more arguments and reasons in this piece of writing/communiqué for their inquisitorial courts. Without any shame I say to you: you fuck off!
The terrible thing about truth is that you can overcome your fear.
The terrible thing is that you don’t understand that the price of freedom is nothing compared to oppression.
The terrible thing is to not struggle for your dignity.
The terrible thing is to be like a worm that let itself be stepped on.
The terrible thing is indifference.
The terrible thing is living alone.
The terrible thing is not having any hope.
The terrible thing is being unable to dream.
Oscar Fuentes (a student murdered during a protest on April 9 1985 in Santiago of Chile)
The part dedicated to greetings and hugs is very long. Not by chance repression is continuing all over the world as is the struggle (which is always inspiring).
To the brothers of CCF/FAI/FRI in Greece and in the world; to Nicola and Alfredo, recently imprisoned in Italy and to comrade Anna who is under house arrest [Anna is under investigation but luckily she is not under house arrest, TN]; to our brother Tortuga, as on November 19 (the day of my 45th birthday) they will decide whether or not to jail him (good luck, brother!); to the comrades of the ‘security case’; to the comrades on the run: may your freedom last forever; and finally to all those who struggled and are struggling, yesterday, today and forever!
For a black christmas
For a fighting winter!
Free Marco!
Long live the comrades!
Long live Anarchy!

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