Repression – About Operation Ardire We receive and publish a text handed out recently at a benefit dinner held in Villa Panico squat (Florence, Italy)


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/sysiphus
On June 13 2012, following an investigation led by Manuela Comodi of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia and the Special Operations Unit of the Carabinieri, 8 anarchists were arrested, 24 notices of ongoing investigations were issued and there were about forty raids in several cities in Italy. Arrest warrants and notices of investigation were also issued to anarchists, including some already being held abroad: Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and eight Greek prisoners of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
Recently transferred to the Court of Milan, as the local Prosecutor is advancing the charge of “international terrorism”, so that is the competent court, however, it is from Perugia that the investigation started, at the hands of the same Prosecutor (Manuela Comodi), who has already signed two other investigations against anarchists, always on behalf of the ROS of the Carabinieri. Once again it is the charge of terrorist association (270bis) that is being summoned as well as some attacks claimed by nuclei of the Informal Anarchist Federation and actions such as the a banner hanging and some graffiti in Perugia.

It ‘s like a strange lottery where the winner loses, and who is drawn does months or years in prison.
Unable to identify who is directly responsible for the attacks that target those responsible for dominion and exploitation, the State responds by indiscriminately striking the anarchists who greet revolutionary violence with joy or simply do not keep their distance. If the State creates a state of alert, which it responds to by bragging of a security apparatus that is able to cope with it, it cannot show its weaknesses to the citizens who put themselves in its hands. The State needs to find a culprit. Anyone at all, preferably more than one, better if subversive.


Of course, within the framework of the repression last summer (marked by four consecutive investigations for 270 bis and various arrests), in Operazione Ardire the Ros of the Carabinieri, led by the infamous General Ganzer, made a particular effort to try to enclose horizontal relationships between comrades within a hierarchical structure that belongs to this world and many of its sad figures, certainly not to anarchists.
After all, in the crime of association what counts is to place the “associates” inside a structure, so those who do blogs become the founders, those locked up in prisons and receiving the solidarity of their comrades become the instigators of actions, and all the others are mere menial labour.
After all, charges of association do not require proof of any specific crime : so it is the perfect tool to put anyone who openly and in their own way is opposed to capitalism and authority in difficulty at the appropriate time. It has become an excellent tool for preventive detention, especially when in a court, which now seems like a non-stop factory of anti-anarchist investigations, the usual public prosecutor, worried about her reputation following the acquittals in the Meredith case, has no hesitation in signing arrest warrants.
We repeat the importance of being close to all comrades hit by the repression and affirm our will to carry on building our relationships in an anti-authoritarian horizontal manner, relationships that give us the joy of life, and to fight against this world of shit. It is those without dreams that need leaders and watchdogs.
Solidarity to Sergio, Alessandro, Katia, Elisa, Stefano, Paola, Giulia, Peppe, Marco, Gabriel! 10/12/2012

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