Mexico: Letter of solidarity from imprisoned anarchist Mario Lopez for the case of the Revolutionary Struggle in Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs  source

For us the oppressed is always in a state of legal defence and always has the absolute right to revolt, without waiting for their execution. We know very well that often attack is the most valid defence weapon […]
Errico Malatesta, October 28th 1923
Beginning with this thought of Malatesta and knowing the importance the meaning of anti-regime violence has for us anarchists (this liberating force we counterpoise to the violence of the oppressors, this imminent and necessary answer to the oppression of the state and against every authority – not always with the form of defence but also attack as apart of this need for autonomy and freedom, this longing to built, destroying everything of the establishment-) is included most times, the practice of anarchist individualities and cells of anarchist action, through the tactic of direct solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist comrades (an action which consists a substantial part of the anarchist struggle)
This is the case with the organization “Revolutionary Struggle” and the other anarchist comrades which the greek state accuses of belonging to the same organization. Some people are tried for their actions and participation in the RS and some because they retained with consistency a conscious and decisive attitude, as anarchists unrepentant towards authority. Everyone is is punished for their participation in numerous initiatives, activities and struggles which openly oppose the destructive oncoming of the system of dominance and using various methods, dispute, judge and attack authority. Those who take the responsibility for their participation in the RS are tried by the greek state and are condemned a priori by a large part of society exactly because their applied the choice to revolt without waiting to be executed but also because they the hit the state at its pylons, because they proved that they regained their lives and therefore their critical ability as well as their ability of self-defence, transforming it into direct attack against the structures of dominance and voluntary subordination which supports it and feeds it. With these words I am not trying to compliment the specific organization, neither an organizational model, what I am trying to stress here is importance of their actions and their contribution to the spreading of daily conflict not only in greece, but at an international level also. An indisputable contribution to the spreading of cells of anti-authoritarian action and the intensification of conflict in the streets, which will be the base for the conscious and generalized insurrection.
For me comrade Lambros Foundas never was a martyr, as some are trying to present him as. On the contrary his death in battle, -in one of the more direct clashes with the forces of order -, was an inexhaustible source of strength and faith. The death of comrade of praxis, who fell dead from the bullets of repression will never be silenced, hidden or be marginalized neither by the system of dominance nor by the disgusting defenders of the existing and its fake critics.
This is why, in the frames of the call for solidarity for the case of the Revolutionary Struggle I send my solidarity and support to the comrades who are being tried by the greek state. I also send all my solidarity and support to brother Nikos Maziotis and a strong anarchist hug. Just as in 1999, it is beign repeated. They will not stop us! They will not stop them! I also send my solidarity to sister Pola Roupa, both -from what I understand- are still escaping arrest.
Mario Antonio López Hernández,
Anarchist prisoner -Reclusorio Prisons Sur,
Hochimilko, Mexico D.F.
(Reclusorio Preventivo sur, Xochimilco, México D.F.)
November 14th, 2012

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