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Today, we have attacked the HSBC on Bederstrasse inZurichwith stones and color because the HSBC directly from the crisis of capitalism, profit beats.
This attack is a contribution to international solidarity days with the trial against the militant group “Revolutionary Struggle” stakeholders inGreeceand in solidarity with the struggle of the “Revolutionary Struggle”.
We have the HSBC selected the following reason: The tapered situation in Greeceleads to the
consequences as they are under capitalism was to be expected. On the side of the working class, which for decades had created added value toGreece as a buyer of imports from Europe (especiallyGermany) to bring about the rounds, massive attack be made.
No matter what level and in what areas billion can be saved to the by the troika (EU, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank) to set conditions for lending needs. This means concrete savings in education, health,pensions, etc. while ensuring thatGreeceimported more (how else can we explain that the defense spending billions supplies fromGermanyhardly affected by savings).
Meanwhile, the ruling class uses the advantage of the situation to establish their capital before the probable bankruptcy except land. A recent example: the shift of the location of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Greece toSwitzerlandin October 2012 (at Coca-Cola Hellenic is the largest company in the country). This capital movement is not new.
The “Lagarde-list” from the HSBC clearly shows how up to 2007 billion euros from the unstable Greecewere moved to the safety of Switzerland.
Among the names, there are many people who have in common is that they are hardly affected by the above tightening. Politicians, jewelers, shipping company and family doctors should get a little tip to feel by the cuts, but faced an imminent crisis, wants to finally be safe. HSBC proposes directly profit from this capital flight.
We are interested not in whether these forms of capital flight to take place legally or illegally. We note that those top cover to protect themselves and, while the bottom are suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis.
We stand in solidarity with the attacked such that this situation develop an anti-capitalist, class-struggle position and practice. We want to explicitly express our solidarity with those who are affected by the trial of the Revolutionary Struggle (RS). The RS is a militant anarchist group, which attacked through direct actions of national and international representatives and properties of the State’s capital and repression. 2010 people were arrested, where membership is alleged therein. Of the four people who admitted to the group in advance of
this blow Lambros died in a shootout in the course of an action. Two other dived during their
conditional release.
Solidarity with the R.S!
Solidarity with the victims of the political process against the RS
Long live international solidarity

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