Responsibility claim Komotini, Northern Greece


 Translated by actforfreedomnow/boubourAs
The totalitarian regime with its democratic disguise continues its anti-popular action by making a parody ballot on 7/11, the result of which was already known and it reminded the referendums during the junta.
Despite all this, many thousands of people went out to the streets all over the greek land protesting their opposition. The state on the other hand had prepared the occupation army (cops) and where the reactions became more intense and dynamic, it unleashed its dogs to oppress them and especially in Athens where the military style organization of the cops and the means used that were (flash bombs, teargas, water canon) have nothing to envy from the oppression of totalitarian regimes, either nazi or fascist style. The fascistication of society and the hypnotism being carried out by the media and schools helps to create a mindless mass of creatures who think they know…
the word people in no case suits the large percentage of residents of the greek land who in order to unhook themselves from the traps of the system, must put in their daily life the meanings of solidarity, self-organization and revolution. Leaving behind them the fake race separations, racist beliefs and social cannibalism, which is cultivated by the cogwheel of the system -golden dawn- (neo-nazi group) trying to disorient society from the real problems, which come from its hierarchical structure and the only solution is the destruction of authority.
Since the symbol of “democracy” is parliament, in the area of Thrace the equivalent symbol is the building of the regional offices of east Macedonia and Thrace.
Thus we decided to give our own symbolism in the early hours of 8/11/12 by placing an home made incendiary mechanism at the back door of the building.
This attack might be symbolic but despite this it shows the enemy and the way of resistance violently and decisively.
Solidarity to Tasos Theofilou
Solidarity to the arrestees of the Revolutionary Struggle and the Conspiracy Cells of Fire
Freedom to Savvas Xiros
Solidarity to all the urban guerillas
Freedom to all those in prison cells

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