Responsibility claim Patra, greece 8/11/12


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs
What we are experiencing today is an organized desperation. Everywhere around us are perplexed viewers of a predetermined reality. A reality which speaks the language of poverty, fascism, exploitation and oppression. If the majority of this society lives in a blurriness and cannot tell who is next to them and who is across them, for us it is clearer than ever where the enemy is.
As well wanting to see the symbols of authority burning, we want to finish with the representation, hierarchy and obedience which these seal. Against the full on attack we are receiving we believe that the answers that must be given by the oppressed ought to be diffuse but also total. Any groups of decisive individuals, armed with the necessary thirst for freedom and the right tools, can cause severe wounds to the machine of normality.
In these frames we chose to attack in the early hours of 8/11, the Agrotiki bank on Sarantaporou and Ellinos stratioti corner and the offices of urban tabloid “Peloponisos”.
For those who asphyxiate inside the stench of this society and its castigations, the road is one, attack with any means against whatever destroys us and alienates us.
Committee of expropriators of daily life
P.S. The struggle for freedom goes through the destruction of the last prison. Freedom to all those in prison cells.
P.S. 2 We would like to add that we realized the presence of a little snitch and we would like to inform him that Patras is small. We also warn all those who wissh to play this role in the future that we do not carry our hammers just for breaking windows…

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