Updates on the trial of the C.C.F. in Athens


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs

Update on the trial of the C.C.F.
Sessions 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 , 14, and 15 , 2012

In these sessions most lawyers completed their speeches concerning the
objections but also the proposition made by the prosecutor during the 12th
On 3/12 /12 (session 11) one of the comrades of the Conspiracy made a
statement after the speech of one of the appointed lawyers and said the

“I want to clarify some things. First of all, I very carefully heard the
speech of the advocate and despite that we come from two different spaces,
as he said, since we have chosen the path of anarchist illegal
insurrection and he has chosen the path of legality, I really appreciate
some things which he said and I really see that he worked a lot on
approaching the core of the thought of our organization, the CCF. And in
many thing he said, although I am no legal expert and not only that, but I
demean the laws, I recognize the approach he made and I have no
disagreement concerning that. But, I want to make a clarification for some
things that remain. I want to clarify something in the name of our
organization, the CCF, because something was said in relation to the
17November organization. It is not a reproach to the advocate. Besides, he
clarified that what he said is his own personal opinion, perception, idea.
But because nothing should remain unanswered, flawed and meteor in this
procedure, we must stress the following.
With the R.O. 17N -and is tress the words, because it was a Revolutionary
Organization-  we clearly have some differences concerning our perceptive
field or our ideas in some individual matters, but these matters do not
concern the court, neither are they matters for a juridical room. With
these people who took the political responsibility and remain unrepentant
-because there are unrepentant 17N members- connects us a friendship and
comradeship. Therefore, we will clarify that the CCF, although coming from
the anarchist urban guerilla and has no connection with the Marxist
structures, despite all this sees, and feels immediate affinity with
comrades such as those of the 17N. And I want to stress something else,
because a reference to homicide was heard. I think homicide, not
concerning its potential evaluation, but also on how much the meaning of
homicide, which I translate into the meaning of political execution,
applies by armed revolutionary organizations in Greece -the 17N and the
Sect of Revolutionaries and other organization- it is a part which we
absolutely adopt, because it is a means of struggle of the anarchist armed
action. Life on its own is not dignity on its own. Life is a value based
on the choices made by everyone. Thus, whichever comrades chose to arm
themselves and expose themselves by executing officers of authority, we
are next to them. It is a choice adopted by the CCF as well. I want this
to be stated and remain about the perception the CCF has”.
Most members of the CCF do not appear in the court room refusing to
“impersonate” the role of the accused. As they have explained in a
previous session they will appear in pairs exclusively in order to
intervene in case some witness or judge tries to slander the CCF. Anyway,
as stated by the comrades, as anarchists of praxis they do not respect
any state justice and do not recognize any law which will try them.
Tuesday 18/12
Before the 15th session began there was tension in the court room between
the cops and members of the CCF. Specifically, when the comrades of the
CCF went to greet their friends and family in the court room the cops
formed a “human” wall blocking any communication. At one point a cop
pushed the friend of a comrade resulting in the intensification of the
situation. Immediately the comrades the members of the CCF moved towards
him pushing him and swearing him while one of them spit a piece of gum in
his face. The rest of the cops tried to disengage their colleague and in
the end let the friends and family to greet the comrades of the Conspiracy.
In the legal part of the trial the speeches of the lawyers concerning the

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