Update on the health situation of anarchist comrade P.Argirou in Athens


On Tuesday  1.1.13 afternoon comrade Panagiotis Argirou was transferred, unconscious, to the infirmary of Koridallos prisons by the other members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire.
The comrade fainted just after he fell of his bed. From the infirmary he was transferred to Tzanio hospital nikaia piraias area  where he was diagnosed with two haematomas in the head. One haematoma was surgically removed while the doctors are expecting the second one to be absorbed by his organism. On Wednesday 2.1.13  afternoon Panagiotis was transferred to the intensive care in Thriassio hospital eleusina area  where he will remain in an induced coma for the next week while the doctors consider the next few days critical for is health.
More updates will follow when we know more.

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