Santiago,Chile – (January 5, 2013) Santiago riot five years after the assassination of Matías Catrileo


liberaciontotal, 04.Ene.13

Translated from cettesemaine  by act for freedom now/sysiphus

  Hundreds of people gathered around 19h in the centre of Santiago to demonstrate from theAlameda Avenueto the Plaza de Armas, passing throughPaseo Ahumada street. This part of the 5th commemoration of Matías Catrileo.
 The event started despite the huge police contingent around the perimetre of the protest to prevent a recurrence of the riots of last year.  Upon arrival at Plaza de Armas, masked individuals began to attack and threw molotov cocktails against two banks, Santander Banefe and BancoEstado. Other masked individuals began to burn barricades and sabotage other commercial premises. Similarly, clashes against the Carabineros Special Forces began, as they were using their armoured vehicles to launch water and gas, and disperse the protesters. The centre ofSantiagosoon became massive chaos. Several protesters were arrested, but we have no information if they spent the night at the police station and will be charged.
Clashes in VillaFranca.
In the combative area of Villa Francia, a municipality in the district of Santiago Estación Central, masked individuals set up barricades in5 de Abril street, and clashed against the police. All this in memory of Matías Catrileo. According to police, three youths were arrested and had material for making molotovs in their backpacks. They spent the night at the police station and will be charged on Friday 4 January.

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