Alessandria, Italy – A letter from comrade Alfredo Cospito to Umanità Nova and its reply.


From RadioAzione

Translation by act for freedom now/B.pd

testata OscenitàNova

 Well, now you’ll understand why RadioAzione doesn’t like Umanità Nova [the paper of the ‘formal’ Italian Anarchist Federation, TN]!

By comrade Alfredo Cospito’s (detained in the concentration camp of Alessandira) request, there follow two letters. The first one is Alfredo’s reply to the second one, written by the shits…. ops… the New Humanitarians. [Umanità Nova translates as ‘New Humanity’]


Open letter to “Umanità Nova”.


Alessandria, 29th December 2012

 In my life I’ve never worried about the ‘heavy burden’ of reading ‘Umanità Nova’, nor did I waste my time criticizing the Italian Anarchist Federation, which I must confess is the least of my worries. And this even before I ended up in jail.
The only ‘infamous’ things in this ridiculous story are your stupid words ‘in freedom’ [the subtitle of their paper, TN]. What do you know about my positions? Who would be those mysterious people close to me?
However, one thing is clear now, at least to me: the comrades who accuse you of being cowardly and more are right. Sadly, there’s no end to the worst.
 Please note: My letters are subjected to censorship and they all pass to the public prosecutor’s hands. I am aware that this is an insignificant detail in view of your intransigent revolutionary life, but next time please count to ten before you go on with your bullshit. Spare yourself sending me your paper, I’ll try to come to terms with it.
Always for anarchy.

Alfredo Cospito

This is the letter from ‘Umanità Novà’:
Hi Alfredo,
We received your letter where you ask for ‘Umanità Nova’ and the paper will be sent to you, after the Christmas holidays, as we do with all prisoners who wish to get the paper.
But we are extremely surprised at the fact you want our paper to be sent to you, as you and those close to you have been attacking us in all possible ways for years, calling us reformists, pacifists, cowardly, chicken-shit, book worms, etc etc. And you have always viewed our paper as something no better than toilet paper.
You’ll understand we are surprised by this request made from the height of your revolutionary intransigence.
Perhaps did you change positions? (If so, fell free to tell us, we promise we won’t tell anyone else…)
Did you mistake us with Infamous FAI?
Or perhaps do you want to know something about the position of the enemy?
Let us know and have a good read.
Umanità Nova

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