Italy – 6 comrades sentenced to 6-year imprisonment following the clashes that occurred on 15th October 2011 in Rome


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
Awaiting communiqués from the comrades, we learn from the media of the regime that six comrades on trial for the arson of a carabinieri van during the clashes of 15th October 2011 have been sentenced to six-year imprisonment.
The comrades’ solicitors will appeal against the sentence.

Davide, one of the sentenced comrades, is going to undertake hunger strike in protest at the sentence.
 From theft to sabotage, from drugs trafficking to street clashes, all sentences and all trials are ‘political’, since the very repressive and judicial apparatus is the expression of the will of dominion, violence, revenge and control monopolized by the economic and political power.
 In this case, just like the G8 in Genoa, the resistance in the Susa Valley and many other investigations against those who struggle, the main interest of the oppressors is to punish some chosen scapegoats in a “terrifying” way, so as to mark not only juridical precedents but also and mainly emotional precedents: the fear of repressive retaliation. In our lifetime they can enslave us, starve us, massacre us, kidnap us, weaken our lives, push us to suicide or kill us straight away, but if our ‘revolt’ does not follow their timing and ways, we must KNOW that we will be punished.
 Of course there are experiences of solidarity and complicity with those who are hit by repression and perhaps WE START TOGETHER AND COME BACK TOGETHER [one of the slogans of the NO TAV movement, TN] is one of the most beautiful things one can say to a comrade on a number of occasions, no matter how difficult the journey and how long and tortuous the return might be; but at other times deadlines decided by power (like holidays time) are needed in order to remind us that the defence of the comrades is not only a matter for solicitors nor has it to go necessarily through the law courts.



For the new prosecutions in Italy

November 19, 2011 by actforfreedomnow!
Nine from the detainees for the conflicts of 15 October in Rome they were released. Giuseppe Ciurleo, Alessandro e Giovanni Venuto, Lorenzo Giuliani, Robert Scarlet, Stefano Ciancamerla Conigliaro were left by the prisons Regina Coeli. Remain the applications of Alessia and Alessandra Catarinozzi. Giovanni Caputi remains in the prison.
The next days will come out new juridicial decision that will determine the chance of Valerio Pascali and Fabrizio Filippi, that is accused that they flew fire extinguishers at the duration of course. Afterwards comes the line of Leonardo Vecchiolla, that is accused for attempt of homicide in a attack in shielded cops vehicle.
Meanwhile, other 26 individuals are searched for attendance in conflicts that became in Rome in the 14/12/2010, with categories for perturbation and arsons.

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