Santiago, Chile – “Lighting the fuse of subversion” – Prison letter from Marcelo Villarroel


Letter from the comrade Marcelo Villarroel for the “Anti-prison Sound” event on 12/14 at the La Mákina squat in Santiago, Chile.

Lighting the fuse of subversion
Stirring up the insurgent fire of social war beneath the prison walls

The Prison is the circumstantial or possible destiny of all persons who take control of their lives, navigating the path of emancipation which runs counter to a capitalist normality that imposes the routine of the citizen, that obligates one to waged work, to a study that validates a bourgeois system of education, and to staying within the parameters of the judicial order that capital imposes on us.
Prison is the place that democracy offers you as a space that crystallizes normalized submission. Here ends, begins, and passes everyone who in one way or another does not submit and transgresses the wealthy’s social peace.
The one who commits crime, he who protests, she who attacks, she who conspires, those who in various choices and decisions do not respect the judicial order find ourselves with the repressive hand of everything: a framework of repression, control and punishment.
I have repeated it one and a thousand times: in all the world’s prisons, over 90% of the people locked up come from the exploited class. We are oppressed, and upon rebelling we inevitably become subversives when we decide to cease going through life as slaves.
In Chile if you are born poor you are born condemned, destined to one of the country’s 91 prisons. Places that are controlled with the goal of extermination, where the highly-designated modules, floors and wings function daily with murder face to face with social complacency ignoring, sanitizing and naturalizing a daily routine that assumes the prisoner’s punishment as normal.
Today the prison is also seen as a business for the production of services in which the prisoners are seen as obligatory users of a contradiction belonging to a sick society that assumes that this is the way for those who do not respect its law.
It is important to understand that no one is free in a society which is the dictatorship of commerce, the democracy of capital, a society of classes, that only by rebelling will we be able to demolish all the centers of extermination ever built down to their last foundations.
Likewise there is no anti-prison struggle without a specific understanding of its daily situations of tension, without communication with the prisoners-in-struggle, therefore it is a permanent challenge to break the isolation, to make cracks in the dense walls of confinement, and to learn that it is vital to strengthen bonds on all spheres, especially those of subversive prisoners at against against the whole existent.
It is about breaking the fear and indifference; committed solidarity is an individual and collective exigency for demolishing that comfortable and self-complacent position of believing that our struggle is temporal and not a proud life choice that many have now taken up for a very long time in complete consistency with our actions.
Multiplying all kinds of actions, deeds, gestures and initiatives is a necessity of combat against the State-prison-capital, it is what motivates us, independent of any limitation.
To insist until infinity on the seeking of our freedom is to strike with dignity and without fear to the deepest foundations of our rotten society… that these words are not carried off by the wind, that they are transformed into deeds…
Open your eyes: it’s time to fight!!
Against the State-prison-capital: social war!!
While there is misery there will be Rebellion!!
Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
Libertarian Prisoner
December 14, 2012
Module 2-H North. CAS-STGO Chile.

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