Chile/ Mapuche: on the death of the two landowners and what followed


(January 8, 2013)

translated from cette semaine by act for freedom now/sysiphus

Note: To understand what is happening, we must bear in mind the attack that occurred at Vilcún January 4, where two landowners (Werner Luchsinger Lemp and his wife Vivianne McKay) died during the burning of the mansion on their vast domain. See here the translation.

Leaflets remembering the assassination in early January 2008 of the Mapuche anarchist punk Matías Catrileo, were found on site. A Mapuche of the region, Ceferino Córdoba, was shot and wounded in the attack and is still in prison. Many other demonstrations and attacks, most of them anonymous, have also taken place as happens every year on that date.

Since then, the unleashing of the State the press lynching, raids and beatings of Mapuche based on the “anti-terrorist” law. But with the added ingredient of the dissociation of the main coordination of Mapuche combatant organizations (the CAM). In this black picture, it should be noted, however, that the sister and mother of Matías Catrileo joined a rally in front of Temuco prison in solidarity with young Ceferino, accused of the arson attack on the property of the landowners …

Solidarity gathering outsideTemucoprison

Translated from Spanish liberaciontotal, 8 January 2013

Several people, Mapuche farmers and supporters, gathered outside the prison inTemuco, in solidarity with Ceferino Córdoba Tránsito. Imprisoned, shot and in complete isolation, he remains incarcerated on remand until the formalization of charges against him and under the Terrorism Act.

Aged 26 years, Ceferino is the only prisoner accused of the fire that took the lives of both anti-Mapuche landowners Werner Luchsinger and his wife Vivianne McKay. Tortured by the police, Ceferino would say only one thing: “This is a land claim, I have nothing else to say.” He will be charged next Friday at 9am before the Court [Juzgado of Garantía].
Among those who joined together in solidarity with him were Catalina Catrileo, Matías Catrileo’s sister, and their mother.
CAMdissociates itself from the attack
Translated from Spanish liberaciontotal, 8 January 2013
Note by Liberacion Total: Since the burning of the property and the death of the landowning couple, other incendiary actions have occurred, such as individually the destruction of six trucks, construction machinery of the forest company Volterra and that of the two bosses’ residences, to name but a few. There were also clashes between police and masked individuals where the cops were unable to carry out raids in some cases inTemuco.
At Liberacion Total, we have always kept at a great distance from the Mapuche guerrilla (which does not consist of one, but several organizations!), which does not prevent us from considering their determination to fight for self-determination and their declaration of war against the ChileanState. In addition, the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM) is a hierarchical and clearly indigenist organization. Arrogantly, theCAM only takes into account the activity undertaken by its own organization. Similarly, we do not share the posture of theCAM on the form it has for remembering Matías. Although this comrade was part of the CAM and died fighting for the recovery of land, we cannot forget that when Matías Catrileo went south, he saw himself in the anarchist struggle and was a young punk, which means that no one can impose what is the correct way to remember the comrade, given that he himself supported other struggles, and not only the Mapuche struggle.
On this point, theCAMdenounced the call for the “Week of agitation, protest and refusal”, stating that site were behind this call, which is a complete LIE. The call to the week for Matías reached us by mail, and was launched anonymously with a clear libertarian intention, so the argument ofCAMmakes no sense in the face of this anonymous callout…
To show the difference that exists between the libertarian tendencies and the others in the Mapuche struggle, we are translating here in this hot period inChile, an extract of aCAMcommunique, the leading Mapuche combatant organization (indigenist left tendency). It is in line with the logic of any organization. It includes in a jumble: dissociation, conspiracy outlook, fetishism and cult of formal organization, desire for hegemony, aimed at “public opinion” and responsibility, refusal of diffused anonymous struggle, etc..
In the first place, we wish to denounce the fact that the current repressive assault was prepared by the present Government and has the strategic objective of diverting attention and brutally suppressing the People Nation Mapuche to give a green light to the large-scale consolidation of activities in the fisheries, forestry, mining and energy. To continue the looting of Wallmapu by transnational capitalism.
  1. That is why it approves erratic actions committed by certain groups outside our organization, who remain anonymous and caused the deaths of four civilians, demonizing the Mapuche people in this way and delegitimizing its just claims in order to isolate us before public opinion.
  2.  As CAM, we reject such actions again and are sure that they only serve the interests of big business and the government that defends its interests, one reason why we can only think of a RIGHT-WING INFILTRATION of certain groups close to some Mapuche communities, through agents who could have instigated certain actions that serve as an excuse to repress and hinder progress towards the reconstruction of the Mapuche people and their national liberation.
Considering what has been stated above:
· We are launching a categorical denial of the call made by the País Mapuche site in tribute to Catrileo Matias, “… to take action of any kind …”. We emphatically reject such irresponsible callouts and call on our people not to follow them.
· Second, we call on Mapuche resistance groups to act with the greatest responsibility and to claim their actions, clarifying the political objective of the latter, so as not to prejudice our Mapuche organizations and our people in general.
· Therefore, we claim as CAM the resistance actions carried out in the areas of conflict against the capitalist investment, led by the ORT [Territorial Bodies of resistance], on the fifth anniversary of the assassination of our Weichafe Matías Catrileo and the hunger strike conducted by the Mapuche political prisoners of the CAM.
We call on our people to continue to fight for territory and autonomy, to resist in an organized way the pillage of Wallmapu by the capitalists.

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