ELAM (Nationalist Popular Front, the Cypriot nazis ‘Golden Dawn’), plans to march against immigrants and anarchists in Nicocia – Cyprus


ELAM (Nationalist Popular Front, the Cypriot ‘Golden Dawn’), plans to march against immigrants! -and there are talking about removing all anarchists from the area because the presidential elections are coming up as well- Recently there is an surge of racist and fascist attacks against immigrants and young people mainly in the inside part of the walls of Lefkosia and specifically in Faneromeni.
These attacks are not irrelevant to the appearance and actions of neofascist groups these last few years in Cyprus.

The procedure of reconnecting the land and the global economic crisis create conditions which these neofascist groups try to exploit, aiming at the cultivation of xenophobia and the obstruction of solving the ‘Cyprus dispute’. On the 15th of January 2013, a specific neofascist group, ELAM (nationalist popular front), is organizing a protest with the slogan “one foreign worker=one unemployed”, which refers to the nazi slogan “4.000.000 Jews equals 4.000.000 unemployed”, which opened the path for the Holocaust.
Their connection with neonazi groups from abroad, like the greek nazis“Golden Dawn”, the italian Forza Nuova and the german, far-right party NPD and their clear references to EOKA (national organization of cypriot fighters) and dictator Metaxas, with military style demonstrations in central streets of Lefkosia, during which they attack immigrants, they show their real face.
They want to create social tension and lead us to dark eras of the past, the memories of which are still fresh and the consequences tragic.
In Cyprus, but all over the world, we have experienced fascism and its consequences.
Society should not let them act undisturbed once more.
This time they will find us in front of them.



text by Act for freedom now

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