New York: Attack on Marathon Bank in Solidarity with Comrades in Greece


We claim responsibility for last night’s attack 16.1.13 on a Brooklyn branch of Marathon Bank. Through this action, we send a message of revolutionary solidarity to the 166 comrades who have been either arrested or detained over the past two weeks in Athens.
Marathon Bank – a subsidiary of the larger Piraeus Bank Group – was selected as a target, with the understanding that in the final analysis, each and every vestige of Greek capital must be deemed complicit in the creeping white terror that has continuously been enacted by the repressive apparatus of the Greek state.
Last night’s attack seeks to demonstrate the demand that solidarity overcome the arbitrary (yet nonetheless repressive) borders imposed by the rulers of this world.
For this reason, we also dedicate this action to Kerry Cunneen and use this opportunity to send revolutionary greetings to this comrade in struggle against the modern-day inquisition taking place here in the United States.
Solidarity is our weapon,
it knows no limits or boundaries,
War against the war of the State!

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