Italy – Until Marco Camenish is free!



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Until Marco is free!
 Marco Camenish, who has been locked up without interruptions for more than 21 years, could already benefit of early release, as established by the laws of the Swiss State for those who have served two thirds of their sentence.
But Marco has always been coherent and has never bowed in front of the injustice and harmfulness of this System. For this reason the Swiss authorities are acting towards him as if they were clocks, more cruel than accurate: for them Marco is to stay in jail.
Too serious is the scourge that his rebel life has thrown at wealthy Swiss society, too dangerous is the example given in so many years of obstinate struggle against this sick and poisoning society.
For this reason, as happened with the solidarity mobilizations, the attacks and the protests that have accompanied Marco’s resistance in prison, first in Italy and then in Switzerland, for all these years, it is time we let those who hold him in chains know that our comrade is not alone, and that his imprisonment will always be a source of annoyance and trouble to the economic interests cherished by the Swiss State. The agents and structures of these interests can be found even in our country, through countless financial and insurance agencies, transport and telecommunication companies, food and pharmaceutical industries…
We think it useful to carry out initiatives of sensitization towards them, so that the cry of solidarity reaches the ears of Marco’s jailers in this moment so decisive for him.


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