Marco Camenisch communiqué from Lenzburg prison, in Switzerland


Switzerland – A communiqué of Marco Camenish on hunger strike
 Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 I’m taking the initiative– weak but still an initiative – to go on hunger strike from January 18 to January 25 2013 in order to break the lengthy silence imposed by repression and inaction, and to raise yet another voice, weak but still a voice, in solidarity with, appreciation of and participation in the initiatives of those who continue to act and build solidarity and active struggle, to dare and strengthen continuity inside and outside the prison.
 This is also a warm, fraternal and heartfelt hug to comrade Elisa, detained in an Italian prison, and to comrade Gabriel, locked up in a German prison, because they both conducted hunger strike in turn in December 2012 in solidarity with me. Just like these sister and brother comrades of mine, I send my accomplice solidarity to all dignified prisoners on struggle scattered all over the world… My initiative is also to send greetings and hugs to the sisters and brothers hit by repression, those on the run, those who carry out direct action everywhere in the world, from Italy to Greece and South America, from Russia and Indonesia to the USA…

 It is a warm and heartfelt hug to those who, in Switzerland, Belgium and everywhere else, like SRI, many other groups and revolutionary individuals, continue to struggle beyond differences for my liberation and are even increasing their efforts in this period, and for the liberation of all the imprisoned comrades in the world, especially those who have been locked up for a very long time and are being hit by the endless and powerless – powerless in the face of our strong solidarity and revolutionary resistance – thirst for revenge of the States-Capital, like our comrade Ibrahim Abdallah in France, Mumia Abu Jamal and many others in the USA, the compas of the ‘security case’ in Argentina, along with all the others….
 Once again, this is solidarity with and participation in all the initiatives and a strong sign of anger against the annual meeting of the WEF, due in January in Davos, a meeting of the sheerest terrorist scum of this world.
This is against this meeting of powerful and wealthy killers and exploiters of the world accompanied by their legions of lackeys, cops, politicians, ‘experts’ (scientists) and minstrels (of ‘culture’, the media, etc) who, as all scum is accustomed to do, always swim on the surface of the poisoned and nauseating mess, which is becoming increasingly lethal thanks to them, who want to affirm and increase the privilege of their wealth and power over the world.
 This year they are coming up with an Interaction of the ‘Global Risks 2013’ and with the urgency of action against a galaxy of the major risk factors with potentially serious consequences… that is to say the gap between incomes and serious imbalances in financial statements of the States along with the (less important…) consequences brought about by climate change. They fear the ‘risk’ of epidemics caused by resistance to antibiotics, of the increase of chronic diseases – these are also economic ‘threats’ to their purely economic, industrial, ecocidal and murderous production.
 ‘Risks’ to what? Well, to global economic growth! What are their absolute priorities, then? One is a national seal against global risks so that systems of vital importance (for global economic growth, of course) remain in function even in case of massive disruption; the other one is urgent international collaboration and increased innovation. Not to be underestimated is also the ‘risk’ of the increasingly accessible access to information through the internet and its destabilizing (for democracy…) effects (sic!)
 These global and totalitarian murderers, for whom the gap between incomes and serious imbalances in financial statements of the States that they plunder is of vital importance, for whom – and for their system – the human and environmental catastrophe made of huge suffering, massacres, worldwide annihilation that they diminish as ‘risks’ is also of vital importance… once again these murderers propose even more gaps, imbalances, catastrophe and annihilation as a ‘solution’. So they want even more (national, global and innovative) totalitarianism – that is to say control of the uncontrollable – in order to maintain in function, no matter at what price, the systems of this system of theirs, which is the cause and root of these ‘risks’ and of another 50 ‘risks’ they mention, and of the countless ones they don’t mention… ‘because these risks concern those who are below, those whom we feed with war, truncheons, prison and misery to enhance our profits.’
 Nothing new, once again they are demonstrating with impudent and imbecile clarity that the problem to be urgently, radically and totally removed is them and their system.
 Down with WEF, down with the State-Capital!
 Freedom for all!
 Marco, from the concentration camp of Lenzburg,
January 2013.        


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