NO TAV, Italy – Anarchist comrade Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez free! Plus report on the ‘big trial’ against the NO TAV movement


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 We receive and transmit:
 A report on the ‘big trial’ against the NO TAV movement
 This morning, 21st January, the second hearing of the ‘big trial’ against the NO TAV movement was held in the court of Turin. As we were not in great number, but we were enough to make them feel we were there, the hearing was moved from the maxi courtroom to a smaller one. There, after the roll call and a lengthy chat between the judge and the solicitors surrounding her, she announced that the trial would be moved to the bunker room of the Vallette prison (according to an official statement ‘there are no rooms available in the court’). She also presented the following schedule:
 The next hearing will be held on 1st February at 9:30am (in the bunker room of the prison), when the case of the comrades indicted on 19th December 2012 will be included in the ‘big trial’;

 The following hearing is due on 14th February, when the question of a ‘defect of form’ relating to one of the comrades on trial will be discussed, then the preliminary phase of the trial will start.
 This is in the judge’s intentions.
 Before the hearing came to an end, a comrade managed to read a communiqué quickly drafted by everybody, a call for the immediate release of Juan (the only detained comrade of the NO TAV case, even if under house arrest), which was followed by cries of ‘Free Juan’, ‘Freedom for all’.
 Immediately after, a spontaneous meeting was held among the NO TAV people who were there. We expressed the determination to respond to a general call launched from the valley for a mobilization on 1st February [the day of the next hearing] against the attempt at confining the trial to a bunker room, thus placing the NO TAV movement in the categories of ‘social dangerousness’, ‘emergency’ or worse.
Moving the ‘big trial’ to the bunker room adjacent to a prison is meant as an attempt at separating the trial from the rest of the people, intimidating the whole movement through the comrades on trial and making the sentences heavier.
 On 1st February, therefore, we are all gathering outside the bunker room of the Vallette prison (on Viale Regina Margherita, 242) in order to oppose the attempt at confining the trial to a bunker room with a noisy demo and our presence inside the courtroom, where we will use different methods to be present, including the reconfirmation of our demand for Juan’s immediate release.
 The day after the hearing we learnt that Juan was released and is now subjected ‘only’ to ‘prohibition of residence in the province of Trento.’
 A big hug to the comrade from us all.

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