“One word only: dignity” A poster in relation to the events of Kozani city – Greece


from the greekstreets
A poster in relation to the events of Kozani
One word only: dignityhttp://blog.occupiedlondon.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/afisa-aksioprepeia1.jpg
What charge is more beautiful than the robbery of a bank?
And yet the comrades were not beaten for “breaking the law”.
They were beaten for their conscious attack against the state monopoly of violence.
And they stood up against the mechanisms and their violence, just like it is fitting for every revolted person.
Not a word to the pigs, swearwords to the judges and the journalists
Let the oppressors realise this.
Neither the torturing,
nor the pillorying,
Cannot discipline all those who resist their commands.
They cannot dry the lust for a free life
Cops, judges, politicians
you have no reason to sleep in peace
Solidarity to the 4 charged for the robbery of the bank in Kozani
anarchists for individual and social emancipation

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