Concerning the 4 comrades areested in Velvendo, Kozani by the ‘DEMON OF THE PRESS’ publications. Greece


Letter by Anarchist Kostas Kalaremas “One book, one paragraph, one dedication…
” With a feeling of honour I noticed amongst the findings of the house on El Alamane street, attributed to the four comrades arrested after the robbery in Velvendo, the book “One Page, One Bullet… the story of Action Directe”.
This is a book I have published and distributed through the DEMON OF THE PRESS publications. Being certain that it will have my fingerprints on them, I would just like to chuckle in the faces of those who in such situations usually set up indictments and “leaks”.
Allow me to send the four comrades a paragraph from this book:
“The friendship and tenderness of those who fight while embracing each other, spill out from our laughter and our endless discussions until morning. We were of course full of the absolute, the intoxicating freedom of the disobedient, but also the tough certainty that we are holding, at any cost, one of the last barricades. And we laughed. And always laughed while oiling our guns… ”
For the four comrades therefore, my respect and solidarity.
For the Dendias and Kedikoglou, my contempt and hate.
For the cops of Kozani, my promise that when “Our day will come”,
we will not torture them at all.
Kostas Kalaremas / DEMON OF THE PRESS publications.

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