Switzerland – Claim of attack on Glencore and Credit Swiss


 By act for freedom now/B.pd
 On the early hours of January 24 2013 an action of attack was carried out against Glencore (a mining multinational) and Credit Swiss. The action occurred during the oppressors’ summit in Davos.
 Marco Camenish translated the claim of the action into Italian and sent it to informa-azione.info.

 Here follows the English version of the claim, translated from Marco’s Italian version.

  In the early hours of 24/01/2013 we carried out a coordinated action with rockets against Glasenberg, the boss of Glencore, at his domicile on Gherimoosweg 6 in Ruschlikon, and against Credit Swiss in Zurich-Hottingen. The WEF, capital and their representatives can be attacked!
 Every year in January a summit is held in Davos and local militants are just spoiled for choice: thousands of powerful and bosses gather on the mountain in order to decide on their business and fill their mouths with big words about the perspectives of their systems, and each of them would deserve a symbolic attack, to say the least.

 In the fifth year of the crisis, among the many hostile actions against the WEF, we have chosen to carry out one that summarises the prominent role of the Swiss capital in the deterioration of life and work conditions on a global level: the big merger of two giants of raw materials and the mining sector, Glencore and Xstrata, based in Zugo, a merger which was achieved after long discussions on capitalist interests.
 It is not surprising that in these times of crisis workers are under attack particularly in the sector of the extraction of raw materials. If the possibilities for profitable investments are becoming rare and entire continents are doomed to failure, competition in this fundamental sector is extremely important.
 Our first blow was directed at Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore, at his domicile on Gherimoosweg 6 in Ruschlikon. Glencore has been a business partner of the WEF for many years. The monster of Zugo is notorious for terrible working conditions and ambiguous practices such as the use of subcontractors based in Bahamas. Glencore mines and those of its partner Xstrata are scattered all over the world.
 In the rest of the world struggles against Glencore and Xstrata are being carried out. From workers’ strikes to indigenous struggles against expropriation of land and armed guerrilla struggle (like in Peru): all over the world people are struggling against the plunder of their lives with the most diverse means. And this can represent the beginning of a solidarity perspective that goes beyond the current production methods. It is this perspective and struggles that we are taking on here in Switzerland!
 Our second blow was directed at Credit Swiss, which is also largely represented in Davos. There are a thousand reasons to attack one of the biggest and most aggressive banks in the world.
Ventures in the food sector, mass dismissals, betting on the Greek people and other peoples, etc…  As we don’t forget all these crimes against the working class we launched our rockets against some of the responsible for these crimes.
 In 2011 CS (Meryll Lynch and Morgan Stanley) was entrusted with one of the biggest stock exchange enterprises in history, that concerning Glencore. CS experts in the raw materials market such as Thomas Gottstein, Mark Echlin, and Simon Crowley advised Glencore on how to present itself as a profitable venture before greedy capital in search of investments. And CS made billions on that occasion.
 And it was obviously a friendship full of class consciousness. In fact, on the occasion of the merger between Glencore and Xstrata, CS was paid 60 million dollars for their expertise.
 This kind of “friendships” offered by the WEF every year allowed bosses and managers of social wealth to be very happy this year while they were flying to Davos on their jets. It is not surprising that CS is a strategic element in the annual WEF summit, as it has been in the past years.
Long live international solidarity!
For a revolutionary perspective!

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