About Babakar Ndiaye’s murder in Thiseio And Assembly of immigrants and people in solidarity calls for two days of action for the two recent racist deaths in Athens


Assembly of Immigrants and Solidarians:

Microfoniki (PA), Tuesday 12th of February, 17.00, Koliatsou Square

Demonstration, Thursday 14th of February Thissio Train Station

Saxtzat Loukman: Killed by fascists on the 17th of January in Petralona

Babakar Ndiaye: Killed by municipal police on the 1st of February at Thissio

Police and fascists’ attack do not terrify us

Common struggles of migrants and locals

We stand here against police and racist brutality


When cops and fascists murder…

On 1/2/2013 at around 9pm we are notified about a dead immigrant found on the railway tracks at Thiseio. The media call it a suicide. From the speakers of the stations is announced: “the train will end it’s course at Omonoia station due to an obstacle on the tracks”. Immigrants and people in solidarity begin to concentrate at the station. Little time after, the Mat arrive, attack the concentrated using tear gas and disperse them. They follow up with  chasing and detaining people in the  wider area, some of which were turned into arrests, whose names or number we still haven’t found out. According to an eyewitness who was with Babakar Ndiaye, they were selling their merchandise in Thiseio when they saw the municipal police approaching them. One of them was chased towards Monastiraki and Babakar chased by 2 policemen towards the station. While trying to escape he was cornered on a bridge above the rail tracks and during a conflict where the cops where trying to steal his merchandise he fell from 6-7 metres high, on the rails. The immigrant who was with him, was caught a bit later and was robbed of his merchandise. Then, when he returned to Thisio, looking for Babakar, he found him dead on the rails, the cops nowhere to be seen and his merchandise missing. After that, he went to the police station to testify, claiming that he remembers the 2 cops chasing Babakar and that he can identify them. Not surprisingly though, at the Police Headquarters, where all the cops of this shift were supposed to report, the two involved never did.

In the capitalistic brutality that we’re living, this death is not an accident nor a one-time incident. Bodies of immigrants are found on the Greek (among others) shores or seabeds, mass graves are discovered around the borders of the capitalistic developed states, workers are torn into pieces in factories- foundations of our economies, military expeditions with thousands of dead people, people of the struggle being shot, prisoners found “suicided” in their cells, suicides because of debts, murders of immigrants by fascists (like the stabbing to death of Shehzad Luqman at Petralona on 17/1).

A system that applies racial cleansings and dares to call them “The  welcoming Zeus”, that covers and promotes the everyday staying and attacks of cops and fascists in our homes and neighborhoods, seems way far from being human-centered… But, in any case, that’s something they admit themselves , they ‘re aiming in purging the cities, without people to resist, without immigrants, with the poverty and misery well hidden, physically and metaphorically.

With crisis as their pretense (in other words, the reasurance of the big-bosses’ profits), the capital and it’s states, re-set our terms of expoloitation. To disorient us, they promote our dividing and social canibalism, trying to persuade us that our enemies are the immigrants, the strikers, the self-organised structures, the squats, all the social parts that deny to submit to what is imposed, all who fight for equality, freedom and solidarity.

 …the threat is those who deny to see it.

The only solution for us is to find ways to co-exist and act in common against to what’s is coming. Together, natives and immigrants, with no hierarchies or discriminations due to race, sex or color, we unite against every kind of fascist racism and police brutality, for the world we want to create. This is why we choose to participate in the immigrants and solidarians assembly of ASOEE (every Thursday at 18:00), trying through common struggles of natives and immigrants to face down the attacks we are facing and those about to come.

We call to open conversation natives and immigrants on Monday at 17:00 at ASOEE (Patision 76) to communicate and organise actions.

 Initiative from the Assembly of immigrants and solidarians of ASOEE

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