Sicily, Italy – Cassa Antirepressione Sud [South Anti-repression Fund] is created!


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd


 The Cassa Antirepressione Sud has been created by some anarchist individualities from Sicily, with the aim of collecting funds to sustain prisoners, expressing solidarity with them and sending contacts and support from groups or people interested in the question of prison to those who end up in jail.
This initiative also comes form the many repressive operation of the State, which hit many comrades all over Italy during the last year, and is to be put in a wider context that does not aim at prison reform but at the destruction of prison and of the system that creates it. As we are aware that mere economic support is not enough, we know that overturning of this system can only be achieved through a radical struggle against prison, a struggle that comprises all practices of direct action.
 13th June 2012: operation ‘Ardire’ carried out by the ROS on order of the prosecution of Perugia. 8 arrests and 21 comrades investigated in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
 8th August 2012: operation ‘Mangiafuoco’ carried out by the ROS on order of the prosecution of Bologna. 21 investigated comrades.
 27th August 2012: operation ‘Ixodidae’ carried out by the Digos and the prosecution of Trento and Rovereto. Two arrests and 43 investigated comrades.
 1st September 2012: operatin ‘Thor’. 6 investigated comrades in the Ravenna area.
 September 14 2012: two anarchist comrades are arrested and another one is put under investigation in Turin, following the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare manager Roberto Adinolfi
postepay 4023 6006 4052 5574 (account in the name of Kevin Giacalone)
To write to the prisoners:
Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Sergio Maria Stefani, Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Alessandor Settepani
CC San Michele
Strada Statale 50/A
15122 Alessandria
Giulia Marziale, Paolo Francesca Iozzi, Elisa Di Bernardo
 CC Rebibbia Femminile
Via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Rome
Maddalena Calore
CC di Agrigento
Contrada Petrusa
92100 Agrigento
Maurizio Alfieri
Via Regione Bronta 19/Bis
12137 Saluzzo (Cuneo)

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