Chile – “Prison, Torture and Injustice Don’t Take Vacations” – Letter from Freddy, Marcelo and Juan


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Prison, Torture and Injustice Don’t Take Vacations
After the most recent onslaught from the persecutive-repressive apparatus–the police, prosecution and courts–ended by suspending the trial preparation process that was in Constitutional Court since August of last year, with the aim of invalidating the whole slew of the prosecution’s already excluded and rejected evidence, evidence that was filed by the Military Court and pressed forward by the torturer Roberto Reveco to the Public Ministry (legitimating, in this way, acts of persecution and hatred).
Six months later, in February 2013, the trickery continues today, and does so by filing a re-accusation against the acting judge, based on a supposed resentment that he has toward the porcelain prosecutors and plaintiffs. Meanwhile we remain imprisoned, and the Court of Appeals will be in charge of whether to valorize their false dispute over “honor” between each other, all of it deftly constructed by the persecutors. But this is not the undercurrent–at its depth the trickery looks not only to remove the judge. Its aim is to carry forward a new trial preparation, where all the prosecution’s already-excluded evidence, eliminated under their own laws, may be fully incorporated again, come hell or high water, thus responding to the exigencies of repression, persecution and punishment–political exigencies of a State which fucks with its own judicial order.

The indefensibility of the process reflects itself in aberrant practices to justify this imprisonment. Where the oppressive machinery has to give a condemnatory reply as an example.
So we, rebels, libertarians, subversives are temporarily in prison, with an upside-down process snarled in their legalese interpretations of their own laws, which even with all the trickery at hand are not assuring the inquisatorial interests of the State and their repressive judicial framework. So, in palpable contradiction with their own norms, this case has been open for more than five years, politically maintained by State reason and without any legal foundation.
An imprisonment that they seek to legitimate simply because we take charge of our lives and have never had anything to do with the imposed capitalist control. We plow the path of emancipation, which does not fit into their codes, and this is why they have to reinterpret their own laws, create some temporary ones, reform the reforms and, through State reasoning, give unquestionable authority and legitimacy to the sacred doctrine of military power and its constitutional safeguards.
Today, with a voice thirsty for Power and prominence, a silver-tongued prosecutor wants and needs to maintain his hellish penalties. His maneuver to begin the trial all over again will not be his last death rattle. Yesterday, the persecution to annihilate the idea was carried out with lead, today they dole out the persecution in judicial schemes to give the same result that the killing lead did not bring them.

Our hearts beat indomitable, we breathe deeply, loving life, loving our loves!

Let us conquer our fear and break with indifference.

Solidarity is a weapon, let us multiply initiatives, actions and protests, personal or collective.

Let’s show the State and its bourgeois press
that while there is misery, there will be rebellion!


February, 2013

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