Switzerland – An update from anarchist comrade Marco Camenish concerning his failed release


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 Beginning of August 2012: the boss of the concentration camp of Lenzburg tells me that the authorities of Zurich have asked his opinion/recommendation about my release on bail by December 2012. They want to know whether I’m willing to accept a ‘rehabilitation’ process, i.e. leaves, work outside, etc or I just want release without conditions. I say I accept the conditions.
 November 19 2012: first reprisal/provocation concerning visits. The boss denies visits with a revolutionary communist female comrade who is been visiting me for ten years, even if she is ‘charged’ with political crimes and she is herself on bail. The pretext for the denial is that the media report about the comrade being sentenced to 17months by the federal tribunal.

 December 7 2012: very quickly the person in charge and her manager of the executive authority of Zurich hold a hearing after the TAR had ordered a new hearing following my previous failed release on bail (see update I sent in November 2012). On the occasion I reconfirm my position (impossibility for me to engage in “armed struggle”, necessity/legitimacy of revolutionary armed struggle).
 January 2013: on the occasion of bureaucratic clarifications on visits, a ‘social worker’ of the concentration camp asks me, en passant, if I have been informed about my transfer. As I say no, she replies that this is due to the ‘rehabilitation process’ and that she will give me further information in the future.
 January 28 2013: second reprisal/provocation concerning visits. Four comrades who are coming to see me (a female anarchist comrade from Zurich who’s been visiting me for almost ten years, a male anarchist comrade from Turin who’s been visiting me for almost ten years, two other younger comrades from Ticino who have been visiting me for almost three years) are assaulted by four cops (two from the Canton of Aargau and a federal cop) on their arrival at the prison. They are strip-searched. The comrade from Turin, under the pretext of the WEF summit in Davos, would be banned from entering in Switzerland for ten days, of which January 28 is the last one. The comrade has never received any notification and they say that is because of lack of address. So how comes that the comrade regularly receives permission to visit me from this concentration camp, a document he has to show them when he comes to see me? Under the pretext of this ban, the cops prevent the comrade from visiting me during the hour left (we have two-hour visit, one per week). As for the other three people, maybe they will inform you about the facts, but what I know is that they had the numbers and contents of their mobile phones taken away otherwise they wouldn’t have been allowed to visit me that day. The following visitor I saw at the beginning of February confirmed he too was subject to a particularly ‘accurate’ check upon arrival at the prison.
 February 5 2012: in the first instance I receive a second rejection (dated February 1 2013) of my request for release on bail by the executive authority of Zurich, the same as the first rejection but this time they add the outcome of the hearing of December 7 2012 as a ‘further motivation’. In the end they say that they have asked the concentration camp of Lenzburg for an opinion/recommendation on my release on bail to be forwarded by December 2013. It is useless I translate the text of the rejection into Italian, but I will send photocopies to comrades in Switzerland. Appeals will be presented.
 Even if the immediate and intermediate goal of your wonderful solidarity initiatives has not been achieved, and perhaps never will it be, the main point is not this one. What counts is that these initiatives are an inseparable part of the social struggle for total liberation, and in this struggle they are very much effective beyond their immediate goals, as proved by the repression, reprisals and fury of the enemy even when the latter are addressed against its hostages/prisoners of the war for social liberation. The fact that the enemy fights us back means that we are on the good road in the war for total liberation.
 It is war to the war, to that eternal, global and total war of dominion, exploitation and oppression! It is a war where, much more than in any other wars, the words of Clausewitz come true: ‘In the things that are very dangerous, such as a war, the mistakes due to goodness are the worst ones…’!
 There’s no contradiction with the fact that tenderness, goodness and love are the main characteristics and motivations of all warriors of total liberation. But they must not weaken the lucidity, steadiness, resolution and energy of the struggle; on the contrary they must strengthen all this!
 With love, determination and solidarity
Marco Camenish
Concentration camp of Lenzburg, Switzerland
February 10 2013

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