Text by anarchist N.Romanos concerning his connection with the CCF – Athens – Greece


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs



In the near future I will be called by the modern inquisitor Mokkas to “apologize” (testify) concerning my participation in the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire.
The reason I clarify my position is to state my choices and attitudes of struggle to my comrades. The penal responsibilities of an indictment leave me indifferent. Not from the position of a martyr but as an anarchist choice of clashing with the laws and the juridical mafia.
I do not recognize their procedures, neither the right to be judges by subhumans, such as Mokkas, who for me do not even have the right to life. As much as I can I intend to insult their procedures and highlight, as a hostage now, the revolutionary conflict taking place everyday with authority. The intransigent attitude towards the judges is one more moment of battle in this war condition we are living.
I state therefore that I was never a member of the R.O. CCF and I still disagree with positions of the organization. This fact was not a serious enough reason for me not to be comradely connected with the comrades of the CCF. A connection which led me to share with them common thoughts, worries, experiences, knowledge. To share experiences for the attack on dominance and its allies.
I engraved and continue to engrave a course on the territories where the anarchist struggle stands high and spreads its insurrectionary force. In this contradictory but pleasant course, my choice of participating in revolutionary structures (and of course not the technical mistakes I made) does not constitute “guilty” evidence but honourable of me.
The oppressive strategy denies the autonomy of the anarchist groups of direct action and based on a centralized model they use the CCF to “excuse” the aggressive practices of the wider insurrectionary tendency.
A similar condition was also experienced by the fighters in Italy with the prosecutions of prosecutor Marini. The witch-hunt unleashed by Marini led to the condemnation of anarchists to exterminating sentences and tough restriction measures. One more example which proves that the terms of the “dialogue” should not be legal but armed.
Our attitude tries to promote a perception which is indifferent to the legalistic matters (to the extent possible of course) and targets the root of reproduction of all these methods, our common enemy.
Insurrectionist practices should be enriched and the level of violence should multiply.
I stand in solidarity with the imprisoned members of the CCF and I raise my fist to them from the prisons I am now hostage. Strength comrades.
Comrade greetings to all the guerilla groups, the cells of FAI/IRF and the revolting individualities all over the world.
P.S.1. When you are restless, take a deep breath and look high up. In the star you will see are hidden our hopes and behind them our smiles. For now continue, to love, to attack, to fight. Anyway, you know. People who hope die holding hands, this is how it should be. In the middle there is nothing, that is the only thing for sure. Until then use as a life compass your experience. Argiris and Foivos, strength and good luck.
P.S.2. The only happy news of the days is the positive course of the health of comrade P.Argirou. My thoughts are with you comrade.
Nikos Romanos
Avlona Prisons

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