Italy – Report on the fifth hearing of the NO TAV trial (February 14 2013)


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We receive and transmit:
February 14, Turin, bunker courtroom of the Vallete prison.
A small delegation of ‘defendants’ attended today’s hearing, as we had previously decided. The entrance to the court was marked by some new measures in response to the collective action taken during the previous hearing. In fact, people were allowed in separately: first the ‘defendants’ and later the ‘members of the public’. Once inside people were not allowed to reach the seats straight away because ‘the judge has ordered that entrance can be granted only during the appeal’. About thirty carabinieri were positioned inside the courtroom. Before the beginning of the hearing TV cameramen asked the judge for permission to film, which was granted but they couldn’t film us as we refused this.

Solicitors for both sides were in great number, perhaps because the ‘establishment of the civil parties’ was on the agenda. The parties against us are 180 cops, the companies of devastation (RTF being the first one), all possible police unions and organizations, the financial police and the carabinieri supported by the cabinet along with the ministries of defence, the economy and the home office. All these institutions are demanding a great deal of money from us. As one of the solicitors pointed out, the trial risked losing its ‘penal’ connotation and turning into a ‘civil’ procedure. As this very chaotic and rough operation was over, the court thought they could get away by conceding 2 hours to the parties so that they examined the papers. It was not like this.
The solicitors for the defence pointed out that the establishment of the civil parties presented numerous faults, i.e. it was not established who is against who, the papers needed to be photocopied and they were massive, so to examine them required entire weeks and not two hours. The solicitors for the prosecution agreed. The court, therefore, decided to conclude the establishment of the civil parties during the next hearing due on March 8 at 9:30am, still in the bunker courtroom. Some solicitors demanded that the trial be taken back to a court in the city. The judge answered ‘this is not possible’ because the court of appeal of Turin decided that the big courtroom (1 and 2) must be used for the ‘Eternit trial’. The solicitors, therefore, demanded the trial be suspended until July. Again the judge answered firmly: ‘this is not possible’. As the public cheered at the solicitors’ intervention, the judge pointed out angrily that ‘the public is not allowed to cheer’. The court reconfirmed the continuation of the trial in the bunker and the schedule of the hearings, which is as follows:
March 8 and 14
No hearing in April
May 10 and 31
June 7, 14 and 21
July 5, 12 and 19.
Later we joined the NO TAV demo in piazza Castello. Finally a dozen ‘defendants’ had a meeting. We discussed about attending the trial according to what we had established on February 1 (we already have a delegation for March 8 and for those who want to join us the appointment is outside the bunker at 9am), writing a declaration on the participation of the government as a civil party in the trial and socializing our experience…
In the afternoon a group of people went to the San Michele prison of Alessandria for a solidarity greeting to all prisoners and in particular to comrades Alfredo and Sergio, on hunger strike since January 29 against the authority’s decision to deny visits with their partners.


Italy – NO TAV: anarchist comrades Sirio and Ermanno released from house arrest
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit:
 Today, February 15, Sirio, our comrade from Trento, and Ermanno from Turin, were released from house arrest. Sirio is subjected to mandatory residence in Rovereto.
The two comrades have been under investigation since January 30 following the so called invasion of the offices of Geo Studio, a Turin firm involved in the TAV works in the Susa Valley.
The charges against them remain: violent behaviour and trespassing.
For this investigation, which saw the intervention of the forensic squad of Turin with topographic and fingerprint tests, adds to the previous operation of November 29, with another twenty comrades under investigation.
Actions like that carried out by the comrades have the merit of locating the responsible for the construction and planning of the TAV yard, and as such we hope they will multiply.
We reconfirm our solidarity with the comrades under investigation.
 Anarchists from Trento and Rovereto


Italy – Prisoner on struggle Maurizio Alfieri moved to Terni. Demo outside the prison of Saluzzo confirmed.
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
We receive and transmit news of the transfer of prisoner on struggle Maurizio Alfieri. We remind you that Maurizio had been recently moved to Saluzzo from the prison of Tolmezzo, where he had contributed to the self-organization of the prisoners against the brutality of that prison. In Saluzzo too prisoners had manifested the will to break the normality of the prison life and Maurizio took part in a collective communiqué signed by 245 prisoners. If they think that his transfer can silence prisoners’ struggles it is up to us all to prevent them from doing so. We can start by confirming the anti-prison demo to be held this afternoon in Saluzzo, in solidarity with all prisoners. 
Today, February 16, we got news of Maurizio Alfieri being moved to the prison of Terni. Maurizio writes to us that he hadn’t got any mail for four days and this had alarmed him. On the day of his transfer (the letter from Terni has a stamp dated February 10) he was woken up at 4am by ten guards who told him to take only two bags with him.
After an air travel to the prison of Terni, he realized that he missed his pyjama, slippers and other useful things.
There’s no heating in his cell, he doesn’t have blankets and when he’s allowed to the exercise yard he’s forced to walk in a space of 4 metres per 2, a wire mesh over his head.
Maurizio says that all this makes him even angrier.
As concerns the ‘thwarted’ escape from the Tolmezzo prison, the daily ‘Messaggero Veneto’ of February 15 reported what follows.
On February 12 the Court of Review of Trieste quashed Maurizio’s ordinance of remand in custody issued on January 2 by the investigating judge of Tolmezzo and ordered the release of Cosimo Damiano Alario, accused of introducing drugs and knives in Alfieri’s cell. The reasons for this sentence would be due to the fact that evidence so far emerged has to be further examined to ascertain whether or not Maurizio is involved in this story.
The prosecution of Tolmezzo, which has coordinated the investigation for months, has already announced they will make appeal to the Court of Cassation.
Up to two days before the ‘Messaggero Veneto’ had been publishing articles on the escape attempt from Tolmezzo with the participation of Palermo mafia bosses, highlighting the good work made by the ROS and writing that the ‘perpetrators’ of the escape attempt had been discovered by an undercover carabinieri agent.
This story, therefore, is revealing false. All the questions we had been asking in this respect are being answered: this is a frame-up that doesn’t hold up. Evidence of the ‘thwarted’ escape doesn’t exist.
Those who thought they could break solidarity among prisoners, inside as well as outside, achieved nothing, as proved by the letter sent by the prisoners of Saluzzo a few days ago.
 Solidarity with the prisoners of Saluzzo
Free Maurizio Alfieri
Freedom for all!
 To write to Maurizio Alfieri:
 Maurizio Alfieri
Casa Circondariale Di Terni
Strada Delle Campore, 32
05100 Terni (TR)

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