Italy – Another investigation against comrade Alfredo Cospito concerning an attack carried out in Parma in 2005, and Alessandria: a letter from Alfredo :




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 On the morning of February 19 Alfredo Cospito, locked up in the prison of Alessandria, receives the visit of a bunch of carabinieri of the ROS of Genoa, who inform him that he’s being investigated by Genoa public prosecutor Federico Manotti (art. 280 penal code) following an explosive attack perpetrated in Parma on 24/10/2005. On that occasion, an explosive device was placed near the building of the RIS of Parma and the action was claimed by Federazione
Anarchica Informale/Cooperativa Artigiana Fuoco e Affini.
Alfredo opposes his DNA to be taken and his cell is searched in order to take old of toothbrushes and razors. We know that Alfredo just laughs at this new revenge of the state towards one who has no intention to kneel down. We know that the cops themselves admit that they have a DNA database of all subversive subjects and therefore this search is a provocation.

Those who are observing the situation from outside inevitably ask themselves: why in 2013 the prosecution of Genoa is investigating a fact occurred in Parma seven years ago? Why is this happening right now, when the investigation on Adinolfi’s wounding is about to close for Alfredo and Nicola? The first spontaneous answer is: the prosecution of Genoa is dealing with two anarchists imprisoned following an attack claimed by Fai/Fri, so they thought it good to investigate them also for the unsolved cases of the last years. This answer is clearly exposed in the title of the warrant: ‘As there is evidence of the crime exposed above…’ Further explanations come from press reports published on the internet (see Corriere della Sera of May 12 2012: ‘A message from the anarchists: we’ll strike another seven times’; Corriere della Sera May 13 2012: ‘Genoa, an investigation on terrorism leading to Greece’; Il Secolo XIX of June 15 2012: ‘Bombs in Genoa, the arrestees under fire’.) We know even too well about the dirty collaboration between judges and journalists, but some aspects to be interpreted emerge all the same. Prosecutor Federico Manotti has been working on investigations concerning anarchists from Liguria and northern Italy for at least a year, with reference to a series of attacks claimed by various Fai/Fri groups in Genoa, Milan, Parma. Perhaps this is the origin of the latest Genoa investigation.
Unconditional solidarity with Alfredo and with those who don’t surrender to repressive attempts, inside as well as outside prison, and strongly re-launch practices of struggle and attack on the existent.

 PS: For further info contact the email address at the bottom of the communiqué
  Alessandria: a letter from Alfredo Cospito:
 Today, February 18, I decided to stop the hunger strike as I was informed that I’ll be able to see Anna in March. Of course I don’t trust my sworn enemy’s promises.
Sergio continues to be on hunger strike. As a gesture of solidarity with him I broke out the ‘bocche di lupo’ (dark grills that prevent prisoners from seeing outside the window) of my cell. I thank my brothers and sisters of the Celula Antiautoritaria Insurrecional Panagiotis Argirou Fai/ Fri, the brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire Fai/Fri, who supported me with their words and actions. A solidarity embrace to Marco Camenish and Gabriel Pombo da Silva. Only action makes one free. Destroy what destroys you.
Alfredo Cospito

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