A text from imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the Anarchist T. Mavropoulos in solidarity with anarchist comrades Alfredo and Sergio



From RadioAzione
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 On the edges… for Alfredo and Sergio
 Our brother Alfredo Cospito (accused of shooting the manager of a nuclear power company, an action claimed by Olga-FAI cell) and his comrade Sergio Maria Stefani have undertaken hunger strike on January 29 in protest at the denial of visits imposed by their jailers. 
 On February 18 Alfredo interrupted the hunger strike after the prison administration committed itself to satisfying his request. Sergio is still waiting for his request to be accepted. Of course Alfredo remains in solidarity with his comrade Sergio, and he made an act of sabotage in the cell of the prison as a gesture of support.
 A few days ago, as the investigation on the shooting for which Alfredo is accused is at a standstill, the cops demanded the comrade’s DNA with the intent of carrying out an ‘investigation’ on another attack. This is the attack on the RIS occurred in Parma in 2005.
Following Alfredo’s refusal to give his DNA, the cops raided his cell (on February 19) and collected DNA samples on the spot.
If we were not imprisoned in the Greek prisons, ACTIONS would speak the first. However now, even behind the prison bars, we send these few words to Alfredo and Sergio, as a greeting and a promise:
 In this world, wolves live on the edges. In the middle there are those who don’t dare.
Someone who stays in the middle may ask us: ‘Why are you running after the impossible?’
But our voice speaking form the heart is shouting: ‘There’s no impossible for Man. We never put boundaries to the will of the Individual. We break the boundaries. To die and say: ‘death doesn’t exist…’ To deny the mass. To deny society and the peaceful death of the bit player.
An explosion is shouting inside us: ‘This is Me, I’m going on to the stage of the world in order to blow its peace up.’
It is us, the exiled Anarchists, the Nihilists, the Iconoclasts, who are destroying the idols of your world.
 To the comrades we offer Prometheus’ fire.
To the enemies war.
To those who are indifferent… nothing.
Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire and brother Theofilos Mavropoulos
 Koridallos prison, February 2013

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