On February 1st 2013, 4 anarchists are arrested after a car chase. Two of them were wanted for participation in the C.C.F. Earlier there was an armed robbery in a bank and a branch of the greek postal offices by 8 people.
During the robbers escape a manhunt begins by the cops. At some point four of the robbers go into the car of a doctor, after they immobilize his vehicle. Four of them manage to leave and are still wanted to this day (for two of them there are arrest warrants and their photos have been published, while the other two are unknown to the authorities). The rest take the doctor with them as a hostage and continue with their escape in the stolen van they used for the robbery. Cop cars and motorbikes manage to trap the van and arrest the anarchists. At the same moment far from the area of the robbery, is arrested one more anarchist who drove a stolen van which had been transformed into an ambulance.
This “ambulance” was going to be used by the rest of the robbers as the final escape vehicle since because of its transformation into an ambulance it would not not attract attention of the police. Inside the two vehicles are discovered many weapons (kalashnikov, pistols, shotguns, scorpion Uzi) and most of the money from the robbery (about 180.000 euro).
The arrested are beaten by the cops and are led to the interrogator. During their transfer to the interrogator they shout chants (“long live anarchy motherfuckers”… etc).
Three of them state that although they are not members of the CCF, they know and have shared common desires and plans with the comrades of the Conspiracy.
They even express their solidarity and friendship to the imprisoned members of the CCF.
The same is done by the imprisoned members of the CCF by publishing an announcement which among other things says: “….. the Cells of the Conspiracy remained unscathed… we support those who support their choices”.
The 4 anarchists are imprisoned (one of them in juvenile prisons since he is under age). Then follow the investigations of the anti-terrorist force in houses-dens rented by the arrested comrades with fake identification cards. In some of them they found usb sticks with communiques from two anarchist groups (FAI-fires on the horizon and Militant minority) which had claimed responsibility for various attacks against state targets. Also they found many fake identification cards and (according to the cops) excerpts from letters which they exchanged with the imprisoned members of the CCF.
They also found (according to the journalists) notes written by members of the CCF with instructions for the construction of a bomb which can be activated by a mobile phone. As well they found an escape plan for the imprisoned members of the CCF, from Koridallos prisons, using a helicopter.
The anti-terrorist force in an announcement states that the imprisoned members of the CCF sent out secret messages to their comrades, planning their escape from prison and the continuation of the anarchist urban guerilla…
Solidarians to the C.C.F.

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